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Induction in Derriford - Any experience please?

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CupcakesHay Thu 03-Feb-11 21:24:16


Does anyone have any experience of being induced at Derriford?

It's looking more and more likely that my beautiful yet very laid back baby boy doesn't want to come naturally - so I wondered if anyone could give me an idea of what to expect? smile

I'm quite nervous about the whole thing...

CrapBag Fri 04-Feb-11 09:52:14

No experience but be very prepared to wait a long time then be sent home!

I was up there recently for something and it was 2pm. There was a woman who had been there since 8am waiting to be induced but they were just too busy so around 3, I saw her going home again. Happened to my friend too.

CupcakesHay Fri 04-Feb-11 12:42:21

Ugh.... let's hope not for me!

CrapBag Fri 04-Feb-11 18:57:18

Hopefully not but they are ridiculously busy at the moment due to the closure of Norfolk ward. Goodness knows whose bright idea that was!

SillyLily11 Sun 06-Feb-11 21:20:13

I was induced with my DD2 at Derriford, 2 weeks early.

Everyone there was fab and really looked after me, was in established labour within 5 hrs so i was pretty lucky!

I was very well looked after and every midwife was brill.

Hope it all goes well for you!

tigana Sun 06-Feb-11 21:29:02

Ds was born at derriford.
he was sort of induced...actually, more like my existing labour sort of stalled, so the gave it a chemical prod!
it's hard to know what to do to prepare, because you never know what's going to happen (I don't mean that in scary way, just that it could all be over quickly or a bit more drawn out, varying levels of painkiller needed etc).

tigana Wed 09-Feb-11 22:10:00

General advice though - in case you end with a long labour... take drinks and nibbles for early on (and for anyone who is going in with you) there is a bakery/cafe thingy but that's closed 'out of hours' and vending machines, but not cheap.

The maternity ward is HOT. Take dressing gown for avoiding showing whole ward your arse etc, but light nightie/pjs.

CrapBag Thu 17-Feb-11 13:07:23

Any updates?

I had DD there last week, ELCS. They were stupidly busy but they still did a great job under the circumstances.

CupcakesHay Thu 17-Feb-11 17:46:09


ended up going into labour naturally - but had to have emergency c-section. And dear God tigana you are soooo right - it was BOILING in the ward!

Also found the advice helpful but very contradictory - which wasn't 100% great for first-time ike me!

But overall, thought it was very efficient, and I was dead impressed with the majority of staff.

CrapBag Thu 17-Feb-11 20:50:57

When did you have your DC and what was it? smile

oooggs Thu 17-Feb-11 20:54:30

dts were induced there at 38 weeks (due to size) In March 07, 1st pessary at 9am and dts born either side of 9pm.

Was last there in Jan 09 for birth of ds3.

have heard it is very busy due to Norfolk cloding

CupcakesHay Fri 18-Feb-11 20:53:59

crapbag I had a little boy, on Saturday 5th Feb. He's adorable but exhausting!!!

And yes oooggs quite busy - they were clamouring for beds - although they did tell me I could stay another night if i felt like it -however I was desperate to get ome after 2 nights there!

CrapBag Sat 19-Feb-11 15:02:24

Congratulations. smile

You went home the day I went in then. I had my ELCS on the 7th and was in 2 nights. I was very lucky and got my own room with en suite but that was an accident as they took me from recovery before the ward had got my bed ready so they stuck me in the nearest empty place (maybe you had just left it, smile) and I begged them to leave me there because of my M.E. and the fact that I cannot deal with noise and wouldn't be able to rest at all. They listen and it was amazing! So much better than with DS when I was on the ward for a night, then got moved but was just totally exhausted.

I was only in for 2 nights as well, my FIL is a porter there and he said they have never been so busy as they are now.

oooggs Sun 20-Feb-11 09:31:41

so when are we meeting up so I can m,eet these new additions? wink not having anymore and my youngest is just 2 smile

IamtheSnorkMaiden Fri 08-Jul-11 18:52:05

I was induced at Derriford in 2006. I'd been on Argyle Ward for a few days due to pre-eclampsia and got moved to the labour ward in the small hours of the morning cos I got worse. When the consultant came to examine me at breakfast time I was 3cm dilated and having some regular (but painless) contractions so they decided to induce me. I had my waters broken by a very nice looking Greek registrar at midday and was fully dilated by 4pm with no drip to speed things up. It was a good experience.

I also gave birth in May last year at Derriford but that was a spontaneous labour. My waters broke at home at 5.20am, contractions started at 6am, arrived at the labour ward 7am and delivered by 8.30am. My only complaint was that they chucked all my bags onto my bed when they transferred me to Argyle and burst my catheter bag and two HCAs had to change my bedding for me with me in the bed, puking into a sick bowl.

To be honest I cannot fault the care I had at Derriford, but I have two sets of twins so maybe I got treated a little bit more 'special' than some others might have...

faeriefruitcake Thu 14-Jul-11 11:40:37

I had my twins induced at Derriford, it was very nice. As I had already experienced 'midwife time' with the birth of my first I was much more relaxed, than had I been their for the first time. I went in on the Friday then a set of prem triplets came along so I had to wait until the Sunday.

The midwife was lovely and the whole process was fine, I ended up having Twin 2 by emergancy section. The bursting of twin 1's waters was an odd feeling but both babies healthy and well cared for by all the staff.

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