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Looking for a local children's entertainer - so shoot me

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SlightlyJaded Mon 24-Jan-11 09:14:04

Yes yes I know. I have read all the threads about 'lazy parents' but I don't care. I will have a room full of about 30 (mostly boys) 3 & 4 year olds and DH is trying to juggle work but may not be able to make it so I have no idea how I am supposed to do the food, make sure little ones can get to the loo etc, introduce parents to each other and organise the food whilst playing musical bumps.

I'd actually rather do the musical bumps but hey ho

So, can anyone reccommend a good (but not extortinate) children's entertainer in the East Sheen, Kew, Richmond, Mortlake area?


<goes back to the task in hand - jelly dinosaurs>

amidaiwish Mon 24-Jan-11 09:27:55

i have used Smartie Artie before and he has been great. there are about 10 of them and they go all over the SE. £200 for the full 2 hour party, not cheap, but he was excellent and ran the entire party.

Kewcumber Tue 25-Jan-11 10:38:05

depends what your budget is - I used a cheapish woman (I think she was £100 plus travel costs which were about £10-15) who came up from brighton for my ds'S joint 5th birthday with a girlfriend. It was pirates and princesses and she came dressed as a pirate princess and did an hour of storytelling, games and roleplay and the kids were (at least the vast majority) were absolitely wrapped up in it, she came for 30 mins before and stayed for 30 mins after to help.

DS thought she was brilliant though I must say 30 3/4 year olds sounds a lot for one person to handle. Message me if you want her email address

for DS's fourth birthday I used a lady clown called Silly Millie who was also very good though more expensive still reasonable compared to most I think about £150.

SlightlyJaded Tue 25-Jan-11 22:21:40

Ah Kew interesting. My stupid well-meaning DH has promised DS that a pirate is coming.

Add to that the fact that the hall I thought I'd booked is actually double booked (and i was second) and I have 2 weeks till DS's birthday and you begin to feel my stress.

So Pirate Woman might work?

Thanks for taking the time to respond

Kewcumber Wed 26-Jan-11 12:25:05

Ah - two weeks is pretty short notice for most entertainers not sure if she will be available. I'll PM you.

Marilena Sat 26-Mar-11 16:32:00


is anyone available for a coffee on Thursday morning the 31st in Barnes/Richmond area? It would be lovely to meet new mums.


CharlieStar Wed 13-Apr-11 22:08:33

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

BayJay Thu 21-Apr-11 16:57:58

One of my children's friends had someone called Gilbert Giggles who was brilliant. There were about 40 children there and he kept them and several parents entertained for the whole party. Very funny, and very quickly learnt most of the children's names too, which impressed me. He did sort of funny magic-gone-wrong tricks. Probably quite expensive though.

Childrens Fri 16-Aug-13 17:36:23

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