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Any new mums in Plympton?

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MillieMoo81 Fri 21-Jan-11 11:45:33

Hi, my dd is 7 weeks old and I'd love to chat to any other new mums in the area and possibly meet up for a coffee or a walk.

MummyCharley Tue 05-Apr-11 16:38:03

hey, my lttle girl is 8 weeks old, we live in plympton what area of plympton do u live?

roundandroundincircles Sat 16-Apr-11 18:26:20

Hi MummyCharley, we live in Newnham Downs (up past Chaplins towards Sparwell). What about you?

MummyCharley Tue 28-Jun-11 15:57:53

hey sorry only just seen your message i dnt use this site as much as i use to lol i live by the chaddy pub

RebeccaJ83 Fri 30-Oct-15 19:16:50

Hi I'm looking for some mum friends in plympton, I have a 11 month old baby boy Dylan who also needs some friends!!

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