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Earls Barton?

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plinkduet Mon 17-Jan-11 01:35:51

I moved here over a year ago from Yorkshire, although orignally from Swindon. I have family in Barton and two young pre-schoolers of my own.

Barton's thriving with stuff to do I know, but what is there I don't know? wink
Where's the alternative underbelly of this tight little commuter village? There is not a single goth, old drunk, hippy or even pseudo-hippy, unless I'm looking in the wrong places it seems to feel very Stepfordwivean hmm

Can anyone blast me out of my pessimism? I've been to all the playgroups and the eldest has been at Saxon and Pie nurseries for a year, with the youngest due to start, er... hang on not for another year I think? What is the minimumstart age actually?..

I haven't made a single mummy friend and really ought to, have done the chatting at school gates, but nowt's occurring!
I'm a little odd probably and have some man-baggage that may reflect in my eyes and scare off potential new friends, but am essentially shy so don't really know where to start.

Any ideas anyone? Anyone in the area already up and running mummy sessions which don't involve shiny chelsea tractors on the drive and designer kitchens? grin

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