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northgate pool out of action - where to go for family swim ?

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Inertia Thu 13-Jan-11 20:14:02

Thinking of trying Plas Madoc, anyone been ?

Children are 7 and 4 so just after a bit of a swim and splash about, a water slide would be a bonus.

Not keen on driving out to Stoke waterworld.

Anyone know what the main Wrexham pool is like these days? Have only been once, years ago.

DrSeuss Fri 14-Jan-11 10:25:22

grew up in Chester but haven't lived there in a long time. There used to be a good pool out near Ruthin, I think. Waterworld is a long way but excellent.

Inertia Sat 15-Jan-11 21:45:48

Went to Plas Madoc in the end and the DCs loved it! Will look into Ruthin one, thanks.

boogeek Wed 19-Jan-11 19:41:14

I've never been to the Wrexham one but have heared it is good (sorry a bit late in the day there!)

dearprudence Wed 19-Jan-11 19:44:51

EPIC in Ellesmere Port.

Why is Northgate Arena pool out of action?

boogeek Wed 19-Jan-11 20:23:59

Something broke The filter? Or was it the heater? Until Feb, anyway.

unfitmother Sun 20-Feb-11 15:35:39

It's open again smile

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