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No NHS Direct!

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gravepenguin Thu 13-Jan-11 17:49:44

Dear IoM Mums
How do you manage without NHS Direct. Living here on a temporary basis needed a question answered about a redder than usual line on underside of T2s penis, rang NHS direct, told they cant help me cause im "abroad", whatever next!

gravepenguin Thu 13-Jan-11 17:50:19

Redness seems to have gone now, but still worried.

yesway Sat 15-Jan-11 20:03:34

You could try an online doctor. They are UK based and pretty prompt at replying.

tigerbump Thu 20-Jan-11 08:27:34

Seriously consider private insurance companies like AXA & BUPA have private insurance helplines where you can talk to nurses etc and no waiting one line and you are through.

Your other option is buy a Tesco UK Mobile and call from that and give an old address for the UK.

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