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Aladdin at the arts theatre - suitable for children?

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Apsara Mon 10-Jan-11 13:05:54

Hi everyone

I'm thinking of taking my 5 year old to see Aladdin at the Cambridge arts theatre. Has anyone seen it? I was wondering if there is a lot of adult humour and if it's suitable for children.


coolma Mon 10-Jan-11 19:28:16

Oh yes - it's brilliant! Took dd5 and ds 10 with my mum who is 81 on xmas eve - dd's birthday - they sang happy birthday to her which was lovely smile, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. The first half was a bit slow, but the second half was totally hilarious - yes, there's some 'adult' stuff but very subtle -on the whole a good 'family' show.

Apsara Mon 10-Jan-11 22:12:50

Thank you for that! Must buy the tickets tomorrow

EColi Mon 10-Jan-11 22:16:40

It's great. The few adult jokes were the type that the kids didn't even notice. Highly recommend it.

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