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baby passport photos in B&H

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rachelstephens Fri 07-Jan-11 15:12:07

i have a very wriggly 16 month old who needs a passport photo done but would never sit still long enough in the booth (medised being stock ordered for the flight...). where we used to live you could go to the chemists who had a little photo developing bit and they would take a picture of your baby so you could get the pic to meet all the requirements rather than chancing the photo booth.

is there anywhere like that in hove preferably or brighton generally?


notsureatall Fri 07-Jan-11 16:35:40 was surprisingly expensive though (I didn't ask before having it done and it was something like £7). Only took 30 secs though

haggis01 Fri 07-Jan-11 19:28:48

I think £7 is pretty standard for shop to do it - I paid £8 on London Road for a terrible job (of me!) which was returned by the passport office. Not that many photo developing shops seem to be still operating.

donttrythisathome Fri 07-Jan-11 19:45:31

I got mine done in the chemist in Blatchington road Hove, can't remember the name of the chemist but the one on the same side as Peacocks.

Pixel Sun 09-Jan-11 00:33:58

I was going to say the Blatchington Road one too, it was where I got dd's bus pass photo done. I think it was about a fiver. I think it just says 'chemist' in bright red lettering across the shop front so quite easy to spot.

rachelstephens Mon 10-Jan-11 17:01:16

thanks so much everyone, that is a huge help.

we have ended up having to cancel the holiday because we found out teh resort has had a few outbreaks of ecoli and didn't want to risk it with two little ones. but we are hoping to rebook somewhere else so that is really useful info


Pixel Mon 10-Jan-11 18:27:41

Um, been past chemist today, it has a new frontage, blue lettering on white background so no good anyone looking for red!

Rachelstephens, sorry to hear the holiday was cancelled but sounds like it was for the best. Hope you enjoy it when you do eventually get to go. smile

taczilla Tue 11-Jan-11 09:42:55

Hi RS there is a shop on the corner of The Drive and Church road that does it too it is weare i have always gone.

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