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Hospital choices - advice please!

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crazybutterflylady Thu 06-Jan-11 12:05:00


I am moving to Beds in 2 weeks and am 22 weeks pregnant. I think my choices for the birth are Milton Keynes General or the Luton & Dunstable MLU.

Needless to say I have no experience of either of these and would really appreciate any feedback offered!

Thanks in advance


Mummarew Sat 08-Jan-11 06:24:53


I have experience of both of these hospitals. I gave bith at MK in 2009 and my sister gave birth at the L&D 2 months before me.

I know that MK has received very bad press in the last few years but I can honestly say that I cannot fault the care that I received while there. I did have a very quick easy birth, however my daughters heart rate did drop, there was meconium and I was pushing for over an hour but this was all managed fantastically.

The L&D was fine for my sister and also my friend whos baby was pre term. my sis was in and out within a matter of hoursbut they did push her to try and breastfeed when she had made very clear that she didnt want.

You will probably hear different from people who have had bad experiences and I think that a lot of it comes down to luck. I would however definately recommend MK.

Hope all goes well and good luck for the big day wherever you end up. . .you never know you mind end up at home!

crazybutterflylady Mon 10-Jan-11 09:08:43

Thanks for your response! I'm glad to hear someone has had a good experience at MK since I have read a lot of bad reviews. This is my closest hospital but I am definitely tempted by the MLU at Luton, provided I'm classed as low risk.

Hmmm...decisions decisions!

Thanks again

OneMoreMum Wed 19-Jan-11 21:06:54

MK may not be perfect but I have relatives that live near the L&D and it has a pretty awful reputation. That is as a hospital in general I don't know much specifically about the maternity services.

One thing I do know, though, is that the parking at the L&D is terrible, really hard as a visitor to find a space at all.

SallyBear Thu 20-Jan-11 16:16:39

I have had two emergency sections at MKGH, with no problems. 3rd pregnancy I wanted to go for a natural birth. My consultant at MKGH was brilliant, and I gave birth with only a TENS machine and Gas & Air as pain relief. The same midwife stayed with me all the way through and the whole experience was one I would do again in a heartbeat!

Blatherskite Tue 25-Jan-11 21:14:04

I had an absolutely awful time at MK and a good part of that was down to their complete negligence while I was in there.

Had my 2nd child there but chose a ELCS as I did not trust them to care for me during a VABC.

We're not having any more children but would be very cautious of going there again if I did.

crazybutterflylady Mon 31-Jan-11 10:15:59

Blatherskite, sorry to hear about your bad experience. Do you mind me asking how long ago it was?

Blatherskite Mon 31-Jan-11 21:17:52

My awful experience will be 4 years ago next month. I had DD there by ELCS 13 months ago. I still had to fight and argue for every bit of care I got but it wasn't as bad as with DS - maybe because I wasn't so meek this time?

Goodness knows what would have happened if I'd have attempted a VBAC but I didn't dare risk it and find out.

crazybutterflylady Tue 01-Feb-11 10:43:43

I know that MK have been in special measures and perhaps that's why your more recent experience was better... because they were being 'watched'?

Either way its appalling that you felt forced into an ELCS because of it.

Blatherskite Tue 01-Feb-11 20:08:34

Special measures started after I was in with DD - after another baby died - it might be better now.

I was petrified and yet the consultant laughed at me when I asked for an ELCS. I didn't end up getting one booked until I was 37 weeks and by then, there were no spaces left so the one I was offered would have been at 42 weeks pregnant!! I only got in before then because of a cancellation! It certainly didn't help me feel confident

scentednappyhag Tue 08-Feb-11 23:29:07

I gave birth at MK general in November, and really couldn't fault my experience. The midwife was brilliant- knew exactly where on my back to rub when my DH was just randomly tickling grin and did everything she could to keep to the natural birth plan I'd hoped for. Whatever you choose, i hope everything goes how you'd like it to, good luck smile

lynzeylou Thu 26-May-11 11:28:46

Hi, I also gave birth in MK in November. I had an early labour scare and my son was readmitted at 3 days old for jaundice and then a group B strep infection he probably got form me at birth. So all in all, I ended up staying 12 nights on Wards 9/10 and I ahd generally excellent care. I was worreid about using the hospital too but I wouldn't hesitate again. Good luck xx

happy2bamummy Sat 25-Jun-11 22:35:19

My sister had a baby in MKGH two months ago and had a terrible experience. The birth wasn't progressing fast enough and baby's heart rate kept dropping. They rushed her in for an emergency c-section then brought her back, made her push at 8cm dilated, tried getting the baby out with ventouse and forceps then pushed baby back in and rushed her in for a c-section again 6 hrs after the last one. She ended up not seeing her baby born and he had to be cared for and fed a bottle until she came round. Needless to say she was traumatised. Luckily baby then took well to BF, but poor thing was so bruised and my sister had stitches for the section and down below. Staff were all very nice, but it was totally mismanaged and she should have had a c-section the first time they took her in. My sister has arthritis and they let her and baby go far too long. Really not sure I want to go there again.

My birth experience 3.5 yrs ago was straightforward, but got no reassurance from the midwife or told anything and she was more concerned that my partner move our car so we didn't get a parking fine just after delivery of my son!

Good luck with choosing, it is hard to know what to do as being close to the hospital is an important aspect.

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