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gyms with creche in sw6

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abgto Tue 04-Jan-11 11:56:02

Hello - I am due in Feb and moving to SW6 soon afterwards. I have been looking into what the gym options are in the area and the pickings appear to be quite slim. The David Lloyd at Fulham Broadway would be perfect except their creche only takes children from 2 years onwards. I asked them if their members use any nurseries nearby but they didn't have any helpful information. The Fulham Virgin creche takes babies from 3 months but unfortunately it's a bit of a trek from where we'll be to do it on a daily basis - closer to new kings road near Parson's Green - so it's not ideal. I know there is a Cupcake opening at Parson's Green later this month which will have fitness classes and a very small gym and the creche will take babies as young as 4 weeks. Although it won't be a proper gym this may be the best option but I wondered if any of you have any other ideas that I haven't come across? Thanks!

dippingbackin Sat 08-Jan-11 12:26:22

Hi - How strange that the David Lloyd only takes them from 2. I was a member when DD1 was born and they would take them from 3 months - however that was 8 years ago. I have since moved to the Virgin Active at Fulham Pools and will use the creche for DS3 who is 3 months.

Not sure if there are any other gyms unless you would consider the Harbour Club.

Sorry not very helpful. Hope you enjoy living in SW6 when you move.

ChunkyBrewster Fri 14-Jan-11 09:03:54

Hi there - the David Lloyd creche actually shut about 10 months ago so I had to cancel my membership and now use the Virgin Active. Bit of a longer walk but you can also do kid swimming lessons there and the creche is very nice.

Closer to the Kings Road - there is the Energie gym down Peteborough Road, it has an informal creche there now. The fees are a lot cheaper. I haven't been but a friend uses it and likes it.

We are all waiting to see what the Cupcakes gym will be like! I've heard that the Putney one was pretty small..

Hope you like PG, it's such a great area for kids, so so much to do.

NyRose Mon 17-Jan-11 12:50:52

Hello there I have just joined Cupcake as their really doesn't seem to be a better option if you enquire now you can become a founder member and get a good rate. I am just about to have my first baby any day now very excited!!You can also back date the starting date to March as by then you might fancy getting out!

Hope that you enjoy living in SW6 it really is a great area.

Take Care and maybe we might see you there!!

JosieL67 Fri 21-Jan-11 14:06:32

The Harbour Club is expensive but it takes kids in the creche from 3 months onwards, as well as having endless kids activities.

Maybe worth a look?


abgto Sun 23-Jan-11 11:56:34

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. After much deliberation I just took advantage of today being the last day for the founder memberships at cupcake and I will take a look this week and make sure I am happy with it. So maybe I will see you there NYRose!

taurustaurus Tue 07-Jun-11 20:04:35

Hello Nuffield which is located next to bishops park takes babies from three months old....

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