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Gym and fitness classes in Cambridge.

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Vallhala Mon 03-Jan-11 14:14:17

Which would you recommend please? I'm looking for a cost-effective membership, off-peak which I can fit around work, in Cambridge rather than outlying towns or villages, in an unpretentious environment, away from the uber-perfect yummy mummy types. Both fitness and gym membership would be great but realistically I'm more likely to use fitness classes initially and work my sorry big ass way up to the gym again.

I know I can ring around but I'm weary (and wary) of being invited to "look round" only to be subjected to a sales spiel.

Help please!

BoffinMum Mon 03-Jan-11 14:23:19

I used to go to the gym but have just done a course at CamYoga and was impressed with the simplicity of it. The teaching was excellent and I did better with that fitness wise than any number of gym sessions.

Hooferoo Tue 04-Jan-11 11:02:56

I've not been there for years but Fenners didn't used to hail the yummy mummy types. A few posers in singlets mind ;).

Vallhala Thu 06-Jan-11 10:34:45

Thanks! It's all worth looking into, I can't go back 20 years and be the perfect size 10 I once was but I can bloody well try!

Apsara Mon 10-Jan-11 13:10:00

Try Zumba. It's a great workout but it's all dance routines as well so you don't have to worry about keeping up. I just end up dancing when it's all too much and out of breath! You don't have to sign up to a package. Just turn up and pay.

TrillianAstra Mon 10-Jan-11 13:18:14

I'm a member here - it's cheap and newly built and the showers are clean and hot.

TrillianAstra Mon 10-Jan-11 13:20:48

Can't you only join Fenners if you (or your partner) are a member of the University Hooferoo?

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