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Secondary schools near Chessington

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lostluggage Fri 31-Dec-10 00:24:34

I have twin dcs in Y5 and we are moving to Chessington.

I have been researching local state schools near Chessington but would love to hear from local mums.

On paper I think that Tiffin will suit ds and Tolworth Girls will suit dd but really need help with coming up with other schools that may be suitable. I am not impressed by Southborough and CCC and am not bothered by whether the school is single sex or co-ed.

They are in top groups academically but ds is very confident and seems to enjoy competition from similar children while dd is not confident and would do better with a more pastoral school.

Buses into Kingston are very frequent so Kingston area would be ideal but I am happy to consider driving to nearby areas like Sutton/Cheam.

willow Fri 31-Dec-10 10:24:22

You might already know this, but you should be aware that about 1500 kids apply for 140 places at both Tiffin boys and Tiffin girls, so not a given that anyone will get in.

deaddei Fri 31-Dec-10 10:28:36

Have you looked at Coombe Boys?
You say you're happy to drive to Sutton and Cheam, and it may not look far on the map, but the traffic is hell in the morning going that way.
Agree with willow- Tiffin is ridiculously oversubscibed and a huge can of worms for Kingston parents wink

Ewe Fri 31-Dec-10 10:40:54

Tiffin is ridiculously hard to get a place at. Most parents will have been tutoring DC since in utero grin

Sutton Grammar is by no means easier but probably a better chance if you want to go the grammar route. What side of Chessington are you? Would Glyn boys in Ewell be an option?

Ewe Fri 31-Dec-10 10:41:35

Sorry... That should have read by no means easy, it is less competitive than Tiffin.

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