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Who sells the cheapes christmas trees in Cambridge area?

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Colourworld Fri 17-Dec-10 11:25:57

Tesco sells for £20.00. Is it possible to buy for £10.00?

GoAwaySnow Fri 17-Dec-10 12:33:26

Real ones?

Colourworld Fri 17-Dec-10 16:06:41

Yes, real one, the kids and DH want a real one. Three against one

GoAwaySnow Fri 17-Dec-10 19:56:58

Oh dear outnumbered.... Tesco is probably your best bet - they are pretty expensive at cost price from suppliers. Might be worth trying the farm in Bottisham on the old Newmarket Road.

Colourworld Fri 17-Dec-10 22:33:21

Really do not want to pay £20.00 for a Christmas tree. May be we should try on the market place. I do not think we will manage to go to Bottisham but thank you anyway GoAwaySnow for your suggestion. I love snow. It looks so beautiful. I much prefer snow to those windy miserable days.

GoAwaySnow Sat 18-Dec-10 10:28:10

Was chatting to a friend last night and she said the grocers on Mill Road may be worth a check.

I do think it looks lovely and would enjoy it if I didn't have to drive to work in it! Unfortunately last year a chap crashed into me because of ice, the hassle of spending weeks getting that sorted has put me right off!

GoAwaySnow Sat 18-Dec-10 10:30:12

Oh and another thought (not sure whereabouts you are) there is a house on Kings Hedges Road (Milton Road end) selling trees and wreaths. He might he cheaper.

Colourworld Sat 18-Dec-10 11:24:38

Thanks GoAwaySnow. Will see what is on Mill Road.
It might be beautiful outside but dangerous because of the ice and the unprepared drivers. Whereas Government seems to be unprepared every year even though it has been snowing every winter.

WintervalPansy Sat 18-Dec-10 11:44:03

Oh was just about to suggest the Kings Hedges Road man too! Haven't checked out his prices though.

Colourworld Sat 18-Dec-10 21:27:27

GoAwaySnow, I was in a hurry this morning and completely forgot to ask you about the crash. Hope you were ok. I cannot drive but my DH says that in today's wheather it was quite difficult to drive.

WintervalPansy, thanks, I think this will be too far ot too or not on our way. Perhaps we will look in the Lion Yard. My older DS want two christmas trees: one big for him and one small for his brother. Of course, and one for me and one for my DH grin

GoAwaySnow Sat 18-Dec-10 22:04:43

No worries, luckily I was standstill at traffic lights, had skidded seconds before but difference between me and driver behind was that I had left HUGE stopping distance and used handbrake. Problem was took 6 weeka to get sorted and good few hours off work collecting/dropping off car. That said no one was hurt and insurance covered everything :-)

Hope you manage to get a good tree- they might be knocking price down on market tomo.

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