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Council's plans to improve schools, particularly two new secondaries

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Kora Thu 16-Dec-10 21:05:55

Hi everyone. I know it's a subject close to many of our hearts, so I thought I'd put up a link to the latest Richmond Council white paper (considered at the cabinet meeting earlier this month) on how they plan to tackle shortage of spaces and improving secondaries etc in the borough. I must admit I've never looked at local council docs before, but this one made interesting reading! (Hmmm, new year's resolution, need to get out more wink.)

See white paper.

I know we're really lucky with our local schools, but intriguing to see what's being planned behind council doors to improve some of the shortcomings...

Kora Thu 16-Dec-10 21:08:05

I should say their plans to "try to" improve things, as I have to say I'm not totally convinced by all the plans, but hey what do I know...

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