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New in Westbury on Trym - toddler groups, babysitters and childminders needed please help!!

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Belgrano Wed 15-Dec-10 18:13:52


I posted on here ages ago saying we were moving into W on T and now we have. Hooray!

Only thing is with the freezing weather nobody has really been out so I haven't met anyone yet! (I hope its the weather and not just that noone goes out and I'll never make friends...blush). Its hideous changing areas a few years after your first is born, I have lost daily access to my whole mummy network 'crutch' from that crucial time, and we had a great network.

First thing I think I need is a toddler group for DS (17 months) - preferably one I can do every week to start meeting people.
Can anyone help with ideas to integrate us a bit before we all 3 get a bit lonely and fed up...?

DD starts Reedley Rd preschool in Jan and Elmlea next Sep so I think we're ok for her.

I would also ideally like a childminder for one day a week for DS - can't find any on the Ofsted website, all are in Henleaze or Westbury park and full up.

Ooh and I also need a babysitter or three in the area as I've lost all those too now we're on the other side of town, anyone got any good ones?

Thank you

CHST Thu 16-Dec-10 13:30:54

Hi there! Were you the one that moved to the Dell? Anyway, glad to hear all is going well. May I reccomend the wots tots group that runs on a thursday? It has broken up for xmas now but will start up again January 14th...what I'd do is pop along (starts at 9:30) and explain that you have just moved to the area. There is a waiting list but we got in quite quickly as we had also just moved to the area not knowing anyone. There are other toddler groups in the baptist church on the hill etc but I don't go to them so can't shed any light on them (hopefully someone can help)
We also do wiggles and giggles on a tuesday morning but these run all week. My son is really enjoying them (he is 21 months)
I think once your LO starts pre school, you will definitely get talking to people again/making friends. It took me a while to make friends I must admit but that is a bit more due to my shy disposition. I feel really settled here now though.
Childminders/babysitters I don't use so can't really help but I could ask my friend who is a nanny if she knows anyone (they all seem to know each other)
If you want to ever meet up for a coffee, I would be happy to? Always up for meeting new people and hopefully my Ds will be going to Elmlea as well in Septemner
take care

Belgrano Thu 16-Dec-10 19:10:02

Hi CHST Yes I'm in the Dell. I'd love to meet up for a coffee as it sounds like our kids will be going to school together so it would be great for DD to make a few local friends as well as for me to do so! Maybe soon after the Christmas madness?

I've got a place at Gymboree which sounds similar to Wiggles and Giggles, ie. a gym and music type class. I've looked into wots tots and will do as you suggested and pop in to see if I can go on the list. I've also seen that patacake toddlers is a drop in on a Tue afternoon so I'll give that a go.

It's great to hear your positive input about the place. And yes please I'd love for any babysitters and childminders that can be passed my way.
Thank you!

Rudolphsnose Thu 16-Dec-10 21:48:05

Hi guys. A few local MNers including me are meeting in ikea cafe at 10am tomorrow if you fancy a natter, coffee and cake.

Runoutofideas Fri 17-Dec-10 20:55:47

Hi Belgrano,
Welcome to the area! My dd2 will be going to Elmlea in Sept too - DD1 is there already. I am happy to meet up for coffee too (along with CHST if you like). By the way CHST does your ds have a European looking double vowel combination in his name?....
I can also recommend Wiggles and Giggles for your younger ds. DD does Jack in a Box in henleaze which is great and also try St Peter's toddler group in Henleaze. I never got a place at WOT's tots as the waiting list when I enquired was huge, but that was a few years ago.
I do know of a childminder who looks after children in the Dell, but I wouldn't know if she has spaces. I can ask the mum who uses her for her number if you like?
You probably have moved in at a slightly less sociable time - Canford park would be a good bet for meeting people with small children over the holidays if the weather is half decent.
Anyway, hope you settle in soon and have a lovely Christmas in your new home.

CHST Mon 20-Dec-10 15:57:30

Runoutofideas that's the one ha ha!
would be great to all do coffee...definitely after christmas though as we are hoping to see family in Holland between xmas and new year x

Runoutofideas Mon 20-Dec-10 17:45:34

Aha - now I know who you are I'll say hello properly next time I see you!

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