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Hartlepool- Babies and Mums :)

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Linni84 Fri 03-Dec-10 09:50:40

My name is Linda. I live with my one year old boy in Hungary, and our Daddy has worked in Hartlepool since one year. We are planning to visit him in next spring. So I am searching for mummys in Hartlepool. Are there any porgrams for babies any mummys? How old children have you got? Are you at home or working? Let's talking!

DooinMeCleanin Fri 03-Dec-10 09:58:01

Programmes? Like activities, you mean? Yes there are lots, but my children are too old for them now, so I'm not up to date on what days/times they are. I do know that toddler groups can fill up, especially in the spring/summer when more people utilise them. I could get you the details of some, closer to the time, if you pm me.

What sort of things were you looking for?

I am working pt. My children are 7 (in a few days) and 3.

BigChiefOrganiser Fri 03-Dec-10 10:16:32

The library used to have frequent story time sessions when I lived there. They are on York Road in the town centre. They are drop in sessions so you don't need to register.

Also google the sure start centre, they should have something there too.

Enjoy your visit!

DooinMeCleanin Fri 03-Dec-10 10:17:19

All the librarys have those. Read and Rhyme. dd2 loved them.

Where at in Hartlepool are you staying?

Linni84 Fri 03-Dec-10 11:49:23

Thanks for your rapid answers!
Our Daddy lives in Kilwick street. It's around the Middleton Grange Shopping Centre! We are planning to stay in Hartlepool for one mounth, because I will have final exams in my University in Hungary... But I'm happy to go to England, because it' s very hard to see my couple twice a year.
But he will work a lot, when we will be in Hartlepool, so I would like to meet and speack with other mummys. And I think it's better to my baby to go to city and do diffrent activities...
What does it mean pm? Pivate massage or what? Sorry but I haven' use english language for a long while...
What did you do on Read and Rhyme?
What' s your job? How old are you?
Is Hartlepool a beautiful city, I red about it on internet.
What is the medical attandence for children?
It's important to me, because my son is aallercic to milk...
Are there any market place because I cook mmyself for Benjamin. Are there any biofoods in somewhere? Where can we buy baby equipments, what is not to expensive? We need buggy and bed too...
Sorry for a lot of queistions!
What's your children firstname?

DooinMeCleanin Fri 03-Dec-10 14:26:37

Read and Rhyme is just stories with a bit of music and singing. At the one in Foggy Furze they have little instruments. The central library will be the closest to you. It's just outside the shopping center.

There is a health shop in the shopping center, but I'm not sure what bio foods are? If you mean organic, yes the health food shop stocks certain things and all the supermarkets have organic.

There is a farmers markets at the Marina every 3rd sunday of the month, some of that is organic.

Baby equipment - there are a few stalls in the market and Argos etc. But you'd probably be best driving to Teesside Park and going to the big MotherCare.

Hartlepool is not a city. It is a town and I wouldn't get too over excited about it either. While it can be lovely at times, it's hardly metropolitan and imo has virtually nothing to do and no decent shops. But I suppose how you feel will depend upon what you are used to.

PM is private message. There should be some blue writing next to my posting name saying 'message poster' you just click on that and it lets you send me a message to my inbox.

We don't use real names here or give out very personal info (like street names (you might want to ask MNHQ if they can remove that for you) for personal safety reasons. the internet is massive. Not every one is who they say they are smile

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