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South East Durham

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2bubs4me Tue 30-Nov-10 20:16:08

I am from Wheatley Hill and have a good friend in Thornley but I am wondering Is there anyone in the following villages on here:

Wheatley Hill, Thornley, Ludworth, Cassop, Wingate, Sherburn Hill, Sherburn House

If so please do get in touch!


countydurhamlass Tue 30-Nov-10 20:38:21

hi, i dont leave quite as close but not too far away in Shildon

2bubs4me Tue 30-Nov-10 21:21:10


Well it still be nice to get to know one another over MSN too xx

Worac Fri 03-Dec-10 19:54:35

Hi I am the friend in Thornley smile

countydurhamlass, I know Shildon quite well as I have family there. But I have yet to go to the soft play centre in Shildon, is it any good?

Worac x

Curiousmama Fri 03-Dec-10 20:07:10

I'm at Blackhall colliery not far away smile moved here from Darlington in September.

2bubs4me Fri 03-Dec-10 20:24:34

Welcome to County Durham Curiousmama.

I moved to Wheatley Hill in Dec 2009 [new years eve to be precise haha] from Newcastle Upon Tyne smile

Worac Fri 03-Dec-10 20:30:00

Hi Curiousmama, I am from Darlington originally too. We moved to Thornley in October.

I've just looked on AA road map as I dont know where Blackhall colliery is (I do now)and you're not far away at all lol

I hope you are enjoying your new home and that your move was less stressful than ours grin

Curiousmama Fri 03-Dec-10 20:34:21

Hi 2bubs and Worac smile Funny we're all outsiders eh? wink Darlington is in County Durham too. It's confusing here though with postcode being TS. Plus we put Hartlepool on our post??

Am enjoying living here. It was a bit stressful as had to try to fit my stuff in here (already dp's house) so had to get rid of a LOT of stuff! Dss are very settled and I'm getting to know a lot of people. My dcs are 10 and 13 though so not so dependent on me.

Worac Fri 03-Dec-10 20:58:00

Curiousmama - Before we bought this house together I moved in to my fiances house and I had to get rid of a load of stuff too. I'll admit it was mainly 'girly crap' as he would call it but still it was stressfull grin

It will be 10 years before my 2 are the age your children are so they are very dependant on me at the moment!

Have you checked out the meetups thread?

Curiousmama Fri 03-Dec-10 21:50:26

Oh my stuff was furniture and suchlike and dcs things.

Yes I have looked at meet up tread. I was going on tomorrow's meet then couldn't and now it's cancelled. We'll meet up in jan/feb though and others seem to meet regularly. They mostly have little 'uns so if you haven't you would probably enjoy meeting them?

Curiousmama Fri 03-Dec-10 21:51:07

And I started FB page Durham mams if you want to join? Good place to post pics etc...

2bubs4me Fri 03-Dec-10 22:08:40

Cool Ill join Ive set up a Durham Mums Only Facebook Group too xx

2bubs4me Fri 03-Dec-10 22:18:29

its alright ive found the group and have sent a friend request to join its a pic of me and the bf x

Curiousmama Fri 03-Dec-10 22:22:42

ok will add you if you haven't already been added smile

2bubs4me Fri 03-Dec-10 22:32:02

ty curiousmama x

Curiousmama Fri 03-Dec-10 22:38:40

Yw to Durham mumsnetters grin

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