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new to area AND mumsnet!!

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mariemartin Fri 26-Nov-10 18:13:15

Hello everyone! Ive moved to Leominster recently and dont really know anyone and am slowly starting to go mad!! I really need to get myself out and meet more ppl but i find it hard to make new 34 and have 2 sons,im seperated from my husband. It seems that ive moved to a small town where everyone seems to know everyone!! They are a friendly lot but im not sure if i fit in help!! anyone know how i feel or am i just moaning and need to have a word with myself!!

musicwithkirstie Mon 04-Apr-11 19:19:25

hi marie, i know how you feel. i am also 34 moved to newent, glos just other side of hereford last july. know a few people but they already have their friends and committments so i got onto netmums site and became a chairmum. i now try and organise things to get people to mingle and create support networks but its hard going!! kirstie

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