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Letchworth childcare

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FortunateHamster Fri 26-Nov-10 17:28:59

I'm going back to work in March, when my son will be around eight months old. Hoping to do a four-day week max, but all that depends on the boss.

Anyway, I work in Hertford, live in Letchworth. Hertford childcare is really expensive, but we don't get back to Letchworth until nearly 7pm most days.

Do any childminders work that late? One option is that I might slightly be able to shift my hours by half an hour or an hour. Another is that I could work from home for one or two days so could use Letchworth childcare just for that time.

Basically, I just wondered if anyone had any recommendations for childminders or nurseries. I suspect nannies are out of our budget.

Also, does anyone know how much Busy Bees costs in Letchworth? It's 60 quid in Hertford and I'm waiting on info from Letchworth. Special characters aren't working on Mumsnet today so don't use the pound sign if you want to mention money! And do private message me if you don't want to say 'out loud'.

I'm just at the beginning of this search and it all feels rather overwhelming at the moment!

auburnlizzy78 Fri 26-Nov-10 19:43:13

Hamster - I've got a price list for Busy Bees Letchworth, will show it to you when I see you on Wednesday. It's pretty much the same as Hertford - £58.10 a day. BUT if you want an early drop off (7.30-8.00) or late pick up (6.00 to 6.30)it's an extra few quid per day.

That's the bit that's going to screw me up (outside of the cost!!) - I would have to leave work between 4-4.30 to make it to Letchworth for 6pm, hoping for no train problems. Even then I would have to pretty much run there from the station, and leave the pushchair at the nursery, which you can do, because there wouldn't be time to go home and get it. But after 6pm I think they lock the shed where the pushchairs are kept, nightmare!

Does your work offer the Edenred childcare vouchers?

FortunateHamster Fri 26-Nov-10 22:17:36

Gah, I was hoping there might at least be a fiver difference. Wonderland Nursery seems reasonable but they finish at 6pm so that's no better for either of us really.

I have the same problem as you. Don't have to come from London but we finish work at six and depending on traffic/car park issues there's no way I can count on getting back before seven. But nurseries close to work are ludicrously expensive! I should probably look into childminders at both locations and see how much they are.

Also I don't know if it's worse for us/the baby to pick him up only to drive him back (or occasionally use the train) for a long commute, or pick him up later but closer to home.

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