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What's there for families in Mornington Terrace?

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IguanoMum Fri 26-Nov-10 15:34:26

We saw a flat we like, how child friendly is the area? Any good primary schools nearby?

sleepwhenidie Fri 26-Nov-10 22:46:35

How old are your DC's? You will be in almost the heart of Camden, which isn't exactly child friendly in itself, but fine for little ones who won't be wandering around by themselves wink - teens I would think twice about. Lots of young families around but not at all "nappy valley" like some bits of London.

There are loads of Surestart things in the library at Crowndale, (opposite Mornington Crescent tube) and also private activities. Some great sports and leisure centres very close by (Talacre, Swiss Cottage, Kentish Town sports centre) and of course Regents Park, London Zoo, Primrose Hill. Hampstead Heath is 15 mins away on the bus, also all the museums in South Kensington (Science, Nat History, V&A) just a tube/bus ride away as is the Southbank and all of central London. It definitely feels like London proper, but you are within easy reach (less than 10 mins walk) of the open spaces of Regents Park.

A good primary and one you should fall into the very small catchment for is Hawley Infants School - a lovely, non religious state school. It has one class per year up to year 2 (then children go on to Primrose Hill Primary/Barrow Hill in St Johns Wood or others). No uniform, children address teachers by first name - motto is "a village school in the heart of Camden" - which is how it feels. Very nurturing and friendly. There are plans to build a new Hawley School just around the corner which would include junior school so avoid the need to move school at 8. Not sure of timing though.

Another good primary in the area is Holy Trinity & St Silas which is CofE and very good (appeared in top 20 state primary schools in the Times list a few weeks ago, if that's important to you)- not easy to get into though, esp if you aren't a churchgoer. Primrose Hill Primary also nearby and good but headteacher has just changed and it is much bigger than the other two I mention.

IguanoMum Fri 26-Nov-10 23:57:06

Wow thanks! :-))) DD is 3, so not likely she'll hit the pubs yet ;-) Loved the way you described Hawley School, going to check if we're in the catchment area. Again, thanks!!!

sleepwhenidie Sat 27-Nov-10 09:34:06

Actually, was thinking about it last night and it may be a bit of a stretch, I said you would get in because I know one family who live on MT and go - but I have a feeling they may have been living closer when they started - try anyway though, you never know. No so sure about other primaries down that end of Camden but Camden generally has a good reputation for primary schools, (not so much secondary) and all the other non-school stuff still applies!

I don't know where you live now but I love living round here with kids just because absolutely everything is accessible just stepping out of the house with a buggy and child. Pretty much anything you need you can wander and buy, there are several playgrounds, soft play, swimming, you will be spoilt for choice for restaurants and coffee shops...not a lot of chance to get bored! People are also a lot more friendly than you might expect in central London, I have a great circle of mates close by and we all help each other out whenever needed.

horsemadmom Mon 10-Jan-11 23:03:30

We moved out of MT just before we had our 1st. GBH with intent on our doorstep (literally) and Nigerian fraudsters next door getting raided every other night. Things seem so have improved!

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