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Dance/Drama Class for Boys

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Xmania Fri 26-Nov-10 15:09:01

Hi, my son who is nearly 4 is very interested in dancing, not the pointed toes ballet, but more like street dancing, boogie dance. He loves to sing too.

I took him along to All the Arts, which is highly recommended. Unfortunately he doesn't like it. He says he doesn't like the songs they sing. I don't really know what else they do inside since parents are not allowed in.

However my son still says he wants to dance. Can anyone recommend me a dance/drama class in or around Bexley borough that is suitable for boys?

I have seen many classes with girls wearing pink tutu and just can't see how my son can fit into the class.

Your suggestions will be very much appreciated.

LucyLuX Tue 14-Dec-10 19:35:26


I think I could be a little late on this one, but when I was looking for my son I used the following website, and he eventually joined Stagecoach.

Hope this helps


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