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West Wimbledon and Joseph Hood Schools

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southernbreeze Sun 21-Nov-10 22:53:20

We have just moved to Raynes Park and my three year old has not been offered a nursery place at our choices Wimbledon Chase/ Hollymount. We are looking at West Wimbledon or Joseph Hood. Does anyone know about them? I will appreciate your thoughts. I am also considering private nursery, could anyone recomend any good one? Thanks.

PheasantPlucker Thu 25-Nov-10 13:44:06

Wimbledon Chase and Hollymount are always heavily oversubscribed - although, that said, West Wimbledon usually is too, due to the last OFSTED which was 'Outstanding'

Have no knowledge of Joseph Hood. West Wimbledon has a Head who has a very good reputation and it is generally seen as a good school.

Hope you get things sorted.

TheHouseofMirth Thu 25-Nov-10 21:49:48

My neighbour was very happy with West Wimbledon. Don't know about Wimbledon Chase or Joseph Hood. Hollymount is quite formal I believe and also is currently undergoing building works, both of which would put me off.

Are you intending for your child to continue into Reception at whichever one you choose?

Personally I think its important to visit each setting and get a feel for them. Ofsted reports are not everthing.

As far as private nurseries are concerned, Dickie Birds is very good.

southernbreeze Mon 29-Nov-10 21:32:04

Thank you very much both for your help. I would like her to continue into Reception otherwise I think it would be hard for her to move so often.

Will research Dickie Birds.

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