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1st pregnant, looking for chats, coffee and cake!

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knasher29 Mon 15-Nov-10 20:51:07


I'm a 27 year old woman - due in Feb, wanting to meet other ladies to share stories, worries and excitement with (fed up of watching baby channels and reading 'Mother & Baby' mag). Lots of friends but none with children/planning to have any soon!

Hope to hear from you soon.


Maltedmilks Sun 16-Jan-11 15:27:28

Hi Emma,

I am also a first time mum living in Tower Hamlets. I was just wondering where you are planning to have your baby? I'm going to the Royal London but keep hearing bad things about it which is making me nervous!

gorgielondon Mon 17-Jan-11 18:55:14

Hi Maltedmilks

I live in Tower Hamlets also but really don't want to have the baby at the RL - I haven't heard anything good about it (though not wanting to worry you!). I referred myself to UCH. It's obviously further away but brand new unit and was v impressed with 12 week scan, NT etc. When's your baby due? Mine's July.


Littlefinn Thu 20-Jan-11 22:06:58

Hi All,

I am due 13 Feb with my first baby. Also referred to UCH - they have been really good so far, and they have the added bonus of the midwife led birthing centre with a few birthing pools and other equipment.

Chats, coffee and cake sounds good, I am between Limehouse and Mile End, but an easy walk away from Victoria Pk area too. I have started my mat leave but still feel good and energetic, so happy to meet up before the baby!


Maltedmilks Thu 27-Jan-11 20:18:17

Hi all,

I'm going to look round the Barkentine birthing centre next Wednesday, I've heard lots of good things about it. Maybe that would be a better option than RL.

My baby is due 11th May so still have a while to go. Coffee and cake sounds good, I live in Stepney. I know lots of people with children but haven't met many pregnant ladies so far!


joanimal Mon 31-Jan-11 14:10:11

I gave birth at the Royal London at the end December, started at the Barkantine and got transferred. The Barkantine is lovely and I would loved to have given birth there but to be honest as it was my first I actually felt much more comfortable once I was transferred to hospital as I knew if anything went wrong I was in the best place.

I was very anxious about ending up at RL, but the staff were superb and although the hospital isn't the most glamorous you really don't care by that stage. I ended up having an episiotomy and tearing and felt in very safe hands being stitched up by the consultant.

To be honest starting at the Barkantine is great and my other half was more excited by going in an ambulance to hospital than anything else!

Maltedmilks Mon 31-Jan-11 18:45:55

I've heard that happens a lot. I'm going to see it on Wednesday and don't think I'll be able to say no once I've visited the Barkantine!

Maltedmilks Sun 06-Feb-11 09:42:22

The Barkantine was lovley, am really hoping I can have the baby there now!

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