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primary schools in south - any better than others

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raffiiscool Mon 15-Nov-10 12:15:00

We are relocating from Glasgow to Edinburgh in the New Year. Not seen any houses we like going to rent. DS due to start school in August (we will have to make a late admission request). Having lots of problems weighting up different rental options as ideally it would be great if he didn't have to move.

We had originally been considering Juniper Green/ Curriw/ Balerno but I think I want to be closer to town.

South Mornindside primary seems to have a large catchment and it seems most likely that when we buy that Greenbank/ Braids will be more affordable. Does any primary in the south area stand out as being much better than the others?

minniem Mon 15-Nov-10 17:09:24

Saw this in Saturday's paper

South Morningside seems to be "suffering" by its perceived good name i.e. overcrowding, being on 3 sites (inc nursery) (google)

Bruntsfield has very good relations with Boroughmuir Secondary and Buckstone comes highly recommended.

I believe St Peters is supposedly the highest performing primary in Scotland, (excluding independents) or so some very happy friends have told me!

However the schools in Currie and Balerno have a great reputation esp Balerno High School.

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