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Playdate for 3 year old boy

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W8 Sun 14-Nov-10 21:27:19

We just moved back to the UK. We left the country as a free married couple,came back with 2 boys!
Anyway, would love to find friends for my shy son who is turning 3in December. He goes to a nursery in the morning so can only do the afternoons. Anyone interested?

We live in Kensington Church Street area.

EugenieM Mon 25-Jul-11 21:43:41


Did you eventually find some playmates for your son? I noticed your email - we used to live in Vicarage Gate (we're now in Hammersmith - although planning to move closer to Notting Hill when we get around to buying). My two boys are 2.5 and 1 year. Oldest is probably going to Hawkesdown House - near you next year.

Best wishes

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