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mum, southwark tube area needs some friends

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inkedmink Sat 13-Nov-10 23:51:05

Hi ,
I moved back to London from Newlyn in Cornwall in April this year and am feeling pretty alone .
I had to move as my 7 year old lad Oska had been statemented etc and special ed could not find a single school who would take him ( Long story ) .
So i moved back to London so he had a chance of having some form of education and a chance at a life when he is older.
He started a special school this September and is flourishing . A totally changed lad and loves London .
Now im 43 and feel at a total loss , have not made any friends so to speak .
He is collected and dropped home every day so i dont even have the chance to meet with other parents from his school .
I live just off the Blackfriars Road and could really do with making a friend or two to meet up with and share laughs , tears , coffee and wine .
Im also a mum to two other sons aged 25 and 20 who still live in Cornwall and have been a single mum for 20 years .
Is there anyone in my area out there who has space for a new friend ?

Poppy72 Fri 26-Nov-10 10:14:22

Hi there,

Have you tried taking your child to the Mint Street Adventure Playground after school (3.30-6pm) on a Friday afternoon - it is an open access adventure playground based in Mint Street Park behind Borough tube - access is either via Southwark Bridge Rd or Mint Street park. On a Friday parents can attend with their kids and I'm sure you'll meet loads of other local parents there with primary age kids. Ask to speak to Jason, the centre manager (and tell him Rebekah sent you), as they have had children there before with statements/special needs.

Might be a good way to start getting involved in the great friendly local community that exists here on the South Bank!!!

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