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Choosing a primary school - help!

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Pod1 Thu 11-Nov-10 07:33:31

Hi we are currently trying to choose a primary school for next September and think we've narrowed it down to Sherwood, Fulwood and Cadley or Queens Drive. Does anyone have children at these schools? If so I'd be really grateful for your thoughts!

Pod1 Sun 01-May-11 21:46:26

Well thanks for the advice everyone!

manyhands Sat 25-Jun-11 07:56:12

I looked around Queens Drive for a job and was impressed. It's very academic and the children get good results.

magicstick Sat 25-Jun-11 14:20:27

I wouldnt choose Queens Drive my child went there they weren't caring and never tried to understand the childrens needs. They just did things that would make the school look good they didnt care if the children were happy or not. The children were'nt treated as individuals.

metimenow Sat 02-Jul-11 20:04:00

I would not choose Queens drive either they are to bothered about academic targets to be a caring school.

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