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Anyone fancy doing a mumsnet christmas party for Oxford mums.

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Mumfortoddler Wed 10-Nov-10 23:09:28

Hello everyone smile

Recently moved back to Oxford after a stint away, need to get myself out there again! My little one is 18 months.

I wondered if mums fancied doing a christmas party early next month, if enough people want to come I could book a room at a family centre, get a santa together and some games, etc...

Let me know, if enough people interested it would be cool- thinking of doing on a Friday morning, as work and study part time its my only weekday fully off...

thebelletolls Fri 12-Nov-10 09:17:24

Have you found Rainbow House (Google it)? It's in the centre of Oxford and open as a drop-in place for parents with small ones under 5 on Wed, Thurs and Friday mornings. A good place to meet new people. Can't be more helpful personally as I have an older child who's grown out of it now, but we had some nice visits there. Good Luck!

Zorra Thu 18-Nov-10 20:51:27

Happy to join in with this, my DS is 15 months - can't do Friday mornings though as I work Friday and Mondays.

EvaLongoria Sat 27-Nov-10 17:29:02

Hi, I am interested, however my DD is 3 years old so way bit older than yours. Also we live in Witney. Can do Fridays

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