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things to do with girls in cheltenham???

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homebod Wed 10-Nov-10 12:51:08

hi all,
i am very probably relocating myself and my two girls (more on that another day) within the year.
before i mention this possiblility to the girls, i thought it best to introduce them to the best bits of cheltenham!
does anyone have any fool proof days out(big and small) around the local area? i have all the obvious leaflets, but am looking more for local parks and indoor play etc.
my girls are 4 and 7.
thank you ladies! x

DollyTwat Wed 10-Nov-10 13:02:33

Hi homebod
I'll come back later and add a few places but I have boys si they'll just be general ok!

There's a mums meet up in chelt this sat if you want to meet some of us

Greenshadow Sun 14-Nov-10 22:24:37

Pittville Park on Evesham Road is a must. As well as a great playground, there is also the lake to walk round (both sides of the main road).
Mine are too old now, so out of touch with what's available indoors but hopefully this 'bump' will prompt other ideas.

DollyTwat Mon 15-Nov-10 13:43:01

Ah yes I was going to come back wasn't I!

I think that Ballyhoo has closed now, but there is a new softplay place in the Brewery.

We go to the Cotswold Farm Park quite often, lots to do.

We like the Dick Whittington in the Forest of Dean

Pittville Park is always a winner.

I'm sure there must be more!

homebod Wed 17-Nov-10 14:14:56

thank you ladies.
we will do some exploring when we come up for the weekend soon.
i hope your meet up was a success. i will most defiantly join in with the next one (if you are planning again).

zapostrophe Sun 05-Dec-10 22:28:41

Message withdrawn

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