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Can anyone help me, help Rugbytots!!

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Elssi Wed 10-Nov-10 10:36:35

For those of you that attend Rugbytots in Bath you may have heard recently about the appalling treatment they have received at the hands of Bath rugby. Whilst no-one at Rugbytots will confirm it in writing (too scared of the mighty bath) it is clear Bath have seen what a great programme it is, got greedy and plan to do their own thing. I think it?s bad to do this after a successful pilot. Rugbytots have remained professional throughout the whole disaster and have retained the lead coach Paul who is amazing. They have worked really hard on keeping the classes going and its clear (unlike Bath) they have the interests of the children at the centre of what they do. The classes are fantastic, full of energy and great fun. We are Bath rugby fans but im afraid in this case they have demonstrated arrogance and they have not helped themselves with local parents.

Anyway, (I will get to the point!)Rugbytots now have plans to grow throughout Bath and surrounding areas and I have said I will help them spread the word. They are happy to do free taster sessions for new areas and if you can get 4 children together will start a class at a time that suits you. Their lead coach Paul is incredible and he has taken a full time role with Rugbytots so you can guarantee the coaching will be tops.

I have been speaking to Dave at head office, very nice chap, we are getting a class going after school in Bradford on Avon. His number is 0845 313 3242 or let me know and I can pass your details on. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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