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New mum - best places to meet up with other mums

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Ceia Mon 08-Nov-10 19:43:24


I am a new mum who has lived in Winchester for a while, who is looking for activites she can do with her newborn (currently 7 days old) in the coming weeks and months, that will help her meet other new mums and have a reason to get out of the house :-)



blossom2010 Wed 24-Nov-10 19:30:02


There are various things to do depending on where you are in Winchester. The Sure Start children's centres are a goo dplace to start, I go to Lanterns on Bereweeke Road where they have a bumps & babies session on wednesday afternoons 1.30-3pm. The babies are a bit older than your little one but I started going when my daughter was about 7 weeks old (slept all the way through!), like you I wanted to get out of the house! She's now 4 months & starting to get a bitmore out of it now, & I've got to know some of the mums who go regularly which is nice. There's also Sparklers in Winnall and another one in STanmore but I don't know the name of it.

I also take my daughter to Rhyme Time at the Discovery Centre on Thursday mornings, although not as good for meeting mums as is very busy & not just sitting round chatting! I found the weekly weigh-in a good place too as I'd often sit down to feed & end up chatting to people while there.

Lastly, the NCT have a bumps & babies coffee morning on 1st Monday of every month (might be going weekly) at Holy Trinity Church hall in town. You don't have to be a member of NCT to go & they're very friendly & I've net a few mums there too. Next one is 6th Dec.

I do know that there are lots of things going on in Weeke as someone I met lives there & always seems to be out & about!

Hope this helps, & congrats on your little one

blossom2010 Wed 24-Nov-10 19:32:12

Forgot to say, each sure start centre have slightly different things going on, most are aimed at older babies but there are usually some for really young ones too. They usually have a leaflet you can pick up with details on it.

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