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Only Child Syndrome

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AddictedToCoffee Mon 08-Nov-10 12:37:34

Hi All, I have one DS (19 months) who as an only child finds it difficult to interact with other children. I have taken him various play groups but find that he is overwhelmed when there are too many children. Are there any other mothers out there that have experienced this problem? I think that he would be happier to play with maybe one or rwo children until he is used to the social interaction.

Woodelf Wed 01-Dec-10 14:01:32

Hi Addicted.., as the parent of an 'only' boy now 4, I had the same concerns. In actuality it was easier to arrange meet ups with other mums who had boys of a similar age - but in time they do start to notice others around them. Even now my son does hang back a bit but is it a boy thing? He's v independent minded so never really went for the singalong type of thing either. Don't worry too much as IMHO lots of little boys are not interested in really playing with others till 3 or 4 smile

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