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Does your kids go to Bishop Rd School?

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littlemum2 Sun 07-Nov-10 16:17:12

I have just bought a hose very close to Bishop Road Primary School.
I want to get some parents thoughts on Bishop Road school. It obviously prides itself on being a big school but do the younger kids cope with it? Is it overwelming for the younger ones? Is it a good school? I would be very appreciative of any thoughts.
Thank you

bratnav Sun 07-Nov-10 16:20:04

No idea but I live on the road and all the kids and parents seem nice and happy

bratnav Sun 07-Nov-10 16:23:47

I generally heat good things about it, although also that they do push the kids a lot. I guess whether this is good or not is dependent on your personal views of education.

Fancy a coffee? I have 3 school age girls and a 14 month old.

Nickoka Sun 14-Nov-10 14:34:18

Yes. My three kids have all been through or are at Bishop Rd and are happy.

It is a big school but it is divided into three buildings so their experience is mainly within their own building although they do use other rooms (e.g. cooking room, library, sports hall, science room).

As far as education goes I think it is good. One advantage of it being big is that facilities are good and the teachers can specialise to some degree.

There is a christmas fair on the afternoon of 11 Dec so why don't you come and have a look around? There is also an evening xmas market on 2 Dec but that is just in the infant part of the school.

Final thing to say is (unless St Bons is an option for you) if you've moved close, realistically Bishop Rd will be your school - unless you want to seek a less popular school farther afield, because all the local ones are so over-subscribed.

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