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Help any good state school in borehamwood

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mamameji Fri 05-Nov-10 11:28:54

Hi just recently moved to Borehamwood from northwest London where we were within the catchment area of oustanding local schools.

Moving to borehamwood was scary, but. Vital as our flat was getting smaller for my growing family and DH works in the city. So borehamwood seems ideal for commuting to central London.

Am soooo stressed looking for a good state primary for my DD of 4 years old and a good nursery or childminder for my dd of 11months old.

Pls!! Any advice or suggestion will be very much appreciated.

mamameji Fri 05-Nov-10 11:33:10

And also, which nearby local authority school can school kids from borehamwood attend. Thanks

chocolatetrellis Mon 03-Jan-11 14:54:20


i have done a bit of research and there is a couple worth mentioning [based on ofstead reports] St Teresa Catholic Primary School and Monkmead primary school which on paper seem the best of what's available in borehamwood. about other local authorities i am not sure cause we are not in a london borough but i know barnet and st albans have a reputation of good primary schools. i am not sure this is much help my DD is 19mths old and am starting to look at our options now as i am worried too. i do not use the local nurseries as have a good one provided by work so i cannot help you there, however the local children's centre might be a good start for coffee mornings with other parents so might get info there and they have a creche there. its called the BECC centre [where they hold the baby clinics]and its off furzehill rd, on shakespeare rd i think.

i hope this helps and wuld be interested in how you get on with the schools situation.

2become4 Sun 05-Jun-11 17:31:38

i live in Borehamwood and can tell you that getting into a school out of your catchment is very difficult, so depending on which side of Borehamwood (North or South) then you need to apply for the best within the catchment you are, there is no point applying for Monksmead if you live on the oppisite side.
I personally went for a church school, C of E and there is 2, 1 in elstree (st Nicholas) and 1 in Radlett (St Johns) being VA schools they both have different admission policy to the state schools, which purely go on distance to school. The Majority of the pupils in my childrens classes are from Borehamwood.
Hope this helps.

2become4 Sun 05-Jun-11 17:32:39

Sorry just seen how old this post is, hope the information is useful anyway. :S

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