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keynsham area?

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jojoakerman Thu 04-Nov-10 19:41:48

Hi, my husband has just got a new job in keynsham, so we will shortly be moving to the area. However, we don't know the area at all, so if I could get any opinions on the area, good or bad, it would be very much appreciated. We have two young children (7 months and 3 years), so schools and children's facilities are important. We also wouldn't mind living in a surrounding village, if anyone knows of any good areas?

Any opinions would be great, thanks


JenaiMarrHePlaysGuitar Fri 05-Nov-10 14:40:34

Are you planning on moving to Keynsham?

Bath and Bristol are also options - neither is far away. Lots of villages nearby, too.

Not that there's anything wrong with Keynsham btw

JenaiMarrHePlaysGuitar Fri 05-Nov-10 14:42:49

Will you be buying or renting? Do you have a budget?

Newbridge/Weston in Bath would be good. Will have a gander on Rightmove...

HowAnnoying Sat 06-Nov-10 10:33:31

I used to live in Saltford, right next to Keynsham, it is quite nice, family orientated kind of place. Great for both Bath and Bristol. Good Primary school, and catchment for Wellsway senior school in Keynsham. When looking for houses in Keynsham or Saltford they will advertise the fact that it's in the schools catchment area. My DS1 went to nursery on Charlton Road in Keynsham called Groovy Monsters, it's very good.

There's longwell green and willsbridge just along the Keynsham Road which are also decetn areas.

jojoakerman Sat 06-Nov-10 12:47:26

My husband will be working in keynsham, so we would ideally like to live within a 10 mile radius. We would prefer not to live in big built up cities, a town or village would be preferable. we will be renting (up to 850) for first couple of years, and looking to buy after that.
Thanks Howannoying, your opinions are well appreciated. Schools are very important to us, and all we have to go on are figures and reports, which aren't always the best source of information. We were looking at Saltford, but the rental options look very limited. It's good to know that it's a good area if something does come up though.
Do you know if there are any particular areas of Keynsham to avoid?

HowAnnoying Mon 08-Nov-10 10:20:28

I don't think there are any really bad areas but because of the catchment areas for the two senior schools (Wellsway and Broadlands) I would personally avoid areas in the Broadlands catchment (not that it's an awul school, just not as good as wellsway).

this estate agents often have rental in Saltford and Keynsham, I would ring both the Saltford and Keynsham offices and register your details. I did see 3 bed properties for around £850 pm come up in Saltford, and nearly always were with that estate agent.

HowAnnoying Mon 08-Nov-10 10:33:01

Hi just checked Rightmove and would recommend something like this if you can afford an extra £45 a month. ALthough it is a bit dated, with your own furniture and bits and bobs it would probably look OK.

I used to live along the road from this house, and it's a nice quiet road, just a 5 min walk to the shops on the main road, and tiddlers nursery. Theres a kiddies park round the corner, and its on the the same road as Primary School.

jojoakerman Mon 08-Nov-10 16:38:25

Hi, thanks so much for all that info. We actually spent the day up in the area yesterday, and fell in love with saltford. Unfortunately we can't afford the extra for that house, but we are keeping an eye out. We found a lovely park next to the school in saltford too.

Just from looking around, the impression we got is that Wellsway side of keynsham seemed a lot nicer than Broadlands, is that the case? It's hard to tell just from driving around. There seems to be a lot more properties available on Broadlands side.

Do you still live in the area? We were thinking of looking at a few villages further south, as a second option, down to about Pensford way. Do you know much of this area, and is it far to travel?

HowAnnoying Mon 08-Nov-10 20:50:41

Hi, we moved back to Bath about 6 months ago, have you considered Bath? It's quite pricey but I would imagine you would find something in Oldfield Park (which has a train station with the next stop Keynsham).

WRT Keynsham, yes the Wellsway side is nicer, if nothing comes up there you could always take a short lease on the other side of town until something does. I notice that you have a 3 year old, will they be starting school next year? If so you will need to apply for a reception place at school by 15th Jan. (My DS1 is starting next year!)

As for the villages further south, I don't know them so well, but there are some nice ones like Marksbury (quite pricey again), Farmborough seems nice too, a friend lives in Pensford and she really likes it. I would imagine getting into Keynsham from there would be pretty easy though.

Where are you moving from?

jojoakerman Tue 09-Nov-10 11:46:35

I'm actually planning to apply to Bristol University next year so we don't want to move too far from Bristol, and obviously need to be close to keynsham.

My daughter turned 3 in October so she will be starting school the year after, giving us chance to settle into an area.

I think we need to do some more research on surrounding villages, just incase nothing comes up in Saltford/keynsham, and will probably visit the area again in next couple weeks. My husband doesn't start his job until January, so we have a few weeks to find something. It's good to know that those villages are okay though, because we have no idea what that area is like.

We are moving from Plymouth, it feels like a huge move to us, just because we don't know the area, so we really appreciate all the advice you're giving us. Thank you.

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