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Pregnant and new to Edinburgh

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stana28 Tue 02-Nov-10 16:03:22

Hi there

We moved to Edinburgh (Corstorphine) a few months ago and now I'm 7 months pregnant. I'm looking for a new circle of friends,either pregnant girls or mums. My husband works abroad so would be nice to just have a fun chat sometime.

neenewps Thu 11-Nov-10 09:46:47

Hi Stana28

I too am new to Edinburgh and am 7 weeks pregnant

Have you taken a look at the NCT website as they run a bumps and babies morning at Blackhall. Do you drive, as public transport may not be the best way to get there.

NCT website here

Where have you moved from stana and how are you settling in??

smaych Fri 12-Nov-10 23:47:53

Hi! I moved to Edinburgh a few years ago now, and I'm 17 weeks pregnant. I don't really know anyone else who is pregnant/a parent, I've been looking for groups to go to as well so I can make some new friends.

I'll also check out that link neenewps, it sounds like a good way to meet other mums-to-be

stana28 Sun 14-Nov-10 09:32:25

Hi neenewps and smaych!

Thanks for the link. I live just round the corner from the Blackhall Library but didn't know about that. I'm free on Wednesdays so will definitelly come and give it a go...and hope to see you there
We moved from Aberdeen ( and London before)but seems that Edinburgh might be THAT place for us (keep changing my mind every time it rains )

smaych Sun 14-Nov-10 12:09:42

I know what you mean, stana - Edinburgh is such a lovely place to live, I definitely feel settled here. It's got the conveniences of a big city but it feels more like a town after London. It's a nice balance.

I'll try to come along and check out the group on a Wednesday!

neenewps Mon 15-Nov-10 11:32:19

I too love Edinburgh. The only thing I am finding hard is meeting people as my job is based in London.
I haven't been to the meeting on a Wednesday morning but would like to give it a go. Need to pluck up the courage I don't have a bump yet so feel a bit strange going - maybe I should stuff a balloon up my top or something
I am also thinking of doing pregnancy yoga here.. egnancy/
I have never done Yoga before so if anyone else fancies giving it a bash let me know blush

stana28 Mon 15-Nov-10 16:30:32

I tried that yoga. It wasn‘t for me as I found it too slow and too long. Started doing pregnancy pilates in Craiglockhart leisure centre on Saturdays and it‘s great.Very useful excercise for all levels,even small bumps

smaych Mon 15-Nov-10 18:06:48

I was interested in going to that yoga group too, I'm trying to really gently build my strength back up as I'm still pretty wobbly on my feet from the hyperemesis.

I'm pretty shy of actually going along though!

neenewps Mon 15-Nov-10 19:27:10

Ahhh thats a shame Stana28 - what is the difference with the Pilates yoga? I recall doing Pilates years ago but I couldn't really 'get into it'... I'm not so good at concentrating!! :0 I do really want to get into something though and try and keep as fit as I can during my pregnancy!

smaych we can go together if you like so we are both newbies!! You can laugh at me trying my utmost to concentrate. If we don't like it we can try stana28's pilates or just try out both

smaych Mon 15-Nov-10 20:12:06

Yeah that sounds good Trying out both sounds like fun, I'm not sure what pilates really involves either but anything that gets me moving sounds good!

stana28 Mon 15-Nov-10 20:32:04

Hey girls
Yoga I tried was more for relaxing,lots of meditation (too much for me). Pilates also helps you to relax but I find this kind of excercise more helpful for my back and posture problems,also teaching how to excercise pelvic floor muscles (which I always found hard).
You could try both and compare.
I wouldn‘t join you for yoga,but if you want to try something else-pilates,wednesday meeting in blackhall,etc we could go together.

smaych Mon 15-Nov-10 21:57:49

Hey stana, pilates sounds good. I like the idea of pelvic floor exercises - I've been having lots of lower back/pelvis pain and the physio I saw said pelvic floor exercises would be good for it. Also Craiglockhart is really close by for me

Whereabouts is the info for Weds mornings at Blackhall? I'd definitely like to come along to that if possible, but would have to get the bus.

neenewps Tue 16-Nov-10 10:32:04

Well pelvic floor I definitely need to do more of!!

Would like to try Pilates..I can't do this Saturday but perhaps next Saturday? Do they do any other times stana28

smaych here is the info for bumps & babies

Not sure how easy it would be for you to get there though?

stana28 Tue 16-Nov-10 11:35:03

The website for pilates is
Call the teacher before so she would get things ready for you.You can have a trial session and see if you like it.
It is only on Saturdays.
I‘ll try to go to Blackhall tomorrow.

smaych Tue 16-Nov-10 11:36:37

Hm, would be interesting. Could maybe get the number 41 from Morningside to the bumps & babies thing. Can't make it this week but will maybe try to get there next week and see how easy/difficult it is

Next Saturday for the pilates sounds good. What time is the pilates, stenna? If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to come along and give that a go.

neenewps Tue 16-Nov-10 12:01:16

Just looked at that link and it sounds good. Am definitely up for trying it out. Presumably the introductory session will be immediately before the regular class?

stana28 Tue 16-Nov-10 12:18:08

You can try one or two classes and decide if you want to carry on.If you do then you will have to pay upfront every month..but the teacher is very nice and you can always talk to her if any problem.
If there is someone new she keeps explaining everything during the excercise. Ive been there a few times now and still learning.
Smaych thats absolutely fine. You will have to be there 15min before to fill in a form. I can also get there earlier and meet you. You might have to call the teacher asap.

neenewps Tue 16-Nov-10 12:31:19

Sounds great. I will call in a bit..

Like I say I can't go this week (helping out at the NCT nearly new sale) but would like to go another time. Just realised I am away the following week too for my niece's 18th birthday so won't be able to do the following week. So will have to catch up with you ladies the first weekend in December or at the Bumps & Babies group.

stana28 Tue 16-Nov-10 14:15:10

Im acually planing to go to the sale on Saturday before my class..also saw some volunteer vacancies on their website and might contact the NCT about that.

smaych Tue 16-Nov-10 19:45:24

Ooh, sale sounds exciting. See, there's so much I didn't know was on! It'll be good to get more involved

I'll call up the pilates teacher tomorrow and see if there's space for me at the classes.

neenewps Tue 16-Nov-10 19:47:59

Great stana if you come along I will see you there. I'm going to be helping out everywhere but I think they also want me to work on the till.

Do you think you will make it to bumps & babies??

stana28 Wed 17-Nov-10 08:33:17

Im going to Bumps and Babies today,its just 5 minutes drive for me and have no much to do today anyway.

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