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mother/baby groups in E5?

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Jenbykins Fri 29-Oct-10 21:08:34

Hi all
Just wondering if there are any mother/baby groups/coffee mornings/etc going on in the lower clapton/E5 area? I've got a 13 week old and would love to meet other mums with similarly aged babies - Stokey's a bit far for an easy meet up, coffee or stroll, what with getting the LO ready to go out, especially on a bad weather day (like we did on Tuesday this week!) Any ideas/advice appreciated.

hackneyzoo Sat 30-Oct-10 08:53:54

There are mother/baby groups/playgroups at:

The Round Chapel (at top of Powerscroft rd on corner with Lower Clapton) I think they are Mon, Tuesday and Wed from 10am and you can just drop in, lots of babies and toddlers.

The Salvation Army on Lower Clapton has drop in seesions too,
Music Group at 10 (I think) on Monday
Play group Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

There are music groups on a Friday at homerton and hackney central library too.

There are lots of toddlers at there groups, but lots of mums with small babies too and areas for your baby to play on activity mats etc.

There used to be a mother and baby group at Millfields children's centre too, its worth popping in there to check.

piparazzi Mon 01-Nov-10 14:13:52

I go to the Salvation Army play group it's great. It starts quite early but you can turn up anytime until 10.30. The days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9.15-11.15. Most of the session consists of free play but there is about 15 minutes of singing at the end. There is juice and toast for kids and tea/coffee and biscuits for adults. There is also a cafe there with very reasonably priced food and drink and highchairs! Maybe see you there sometime?

Jenbykins Tue 02-Nov-10 16:42:44

Hey thanks both! I will check them out. I trie the Homerton Library stay and play on Monday - not many people but will go again.

Piparazzi - definitely! It is early but I'll try to come along to the Thursday one - we've also started going to the Music and Mvmt session at Millfields on Wednesdays which sounds similar to the Salvation Army group.

spongecakelover Tue 02-Nov-10 20:57:14

Try Clapton Park Children's Centre too. Small and mostly quieter than the others. Sally Army is good but can get vv busy and boisterous at times when weather's bad!

If you don't mind more of a walk the Children's Centre at Gainsborough has a lovely family room.

Hop toyshop on Chatsworth Road also has a helpful and well stocked info board about other stuff and the staff are friendly, chatty and very knowledgeable about things going on in the area.

paulinemoisy Sat 13-Nov-10 11:10:04

'La langue au CHAT' french class:

Come to introduce your baby or toddler to new sounds and to French culture with some singing , stories, and movement .

Meet other Mums,in a lively and cosy atmosphere.

Dads, Childminders, Nannies, Grandparents are welcome!

Wednesdays am 2 groups
(contact for details)


Buggies and bikes

23 broadway market ,E84PH

Contact pauline on 07963188623

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