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Drinks 23rd, 24th, 25th or 26th Nov??

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tabbycat76 Mon 25-Oct-10 14:52:07

Hi everyone - just wondering if anyone fancied meeting up for drinks on the above dates?! I know there are some fellow newbies in the area who missed out on the last get-together so perfect opportunity to hook up and share a laugh! Am open to location tho Lexdon Crown has been mentioned before?

Alternatively, if anyone fancies meeting up before then, then email me at nursetong@hotmail dot co dot uk

Mung Mon 25-Oct-10 15:01:31

I wont be able to make it on those dates...sorry.

tabbycat76 Wed 27-Oct-10 09:14:50

Ah no Mung, nevermind - next time then! Hope you're keeping well!

Mung Wed 27-Oct-10 10:22:11

You're all welcome to come to mine for a glass of vino or herbal tea!

yummymummyto1 Wed 27-Oct-10 18:55:20

Hi ladies! Just updated myself with the last thread for drinks earlier this month - gutted I missed it! I can do the 26th as at the moment we're still only about Fri-Sun!

tabbycat76 Thu 28-Oct-10 21:14:16

Glad you can make it yummymummy - be good to meet you! Just wondering mung if it would make any difference to you if we went to a pub near you instead?!?! Be good to see you.

Mung Sat 30-Oct-10 19:59:33

I won't be about at all on 26th, so I'll have to miss this one. How about making it a couple of weeks later then it can be Christmas drinks?

tabbycat76 Sun 31-Oct-10 15:44:06

Ah ha!! Mung! Any excuse for a knee's up (albeit a soft drink knees up for some!) we can do a couple of weeks after too!!! Mmm mince pies and a glass of mulled wine, sounds good! Suggest a date that's good for you. I'll need to request the evening off from work.

MadameCastafiore Sat 13-Nov-10 19:03:52

Ooooohhhh I don;t know any of you any more - other than you Mung - I nearly drove into someone in Sainsbury's car park a short while ago waving at you and you ignored me!! (Or didn't see me!!)

Mung Sun 14-Nov-10 17:40:34

Oh sorry Madame...was I juggling children? I was probably dreaming of days when I could do my shopping in peace! I returned to the wonders of online shopping last week...not sure why I ever gave that up!

I hope you're well and the job is going ok.

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