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Mother Seeks play dates in Shortlands/Bromley

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Chockermint Mon 18-Oct-10 21:50:31

Hello I live in Shortlands, Bromley and gave birth to my first child, Finn 3 months ago. I'm not from the area and feel that I would really benefit from meeting with other friendly mums and their children. Let me know if your at home bored and are also interested in getting out of the house and meeting other mothers

SamHats Wed 20-Oct-10 19:23:01

Hello Chockermint!

My name's Sam, I'm 25 and have a little girl, Emily, who's 14 months. I'm pretty new to Bromley and would very much like to meet other mummies and their babies - would be good for Emily and myself!

Would be good to meet up!



staceyholmes Mon 01-Nov-10 11:27:01

Hi there
My name is Stacey and I have a 5 week old baby girl called Ellie.

We live in Shortlands and am in a similar situation to you. Would be good to meet up so feel free to contact me to meet up.

Would be good to meet up


Benedictef Thu 04-Nov-10 09:49:20

Hi all

I moved to Bromley about a month ago so I'm still surrounded by cardboard boxes yet to be unpacked... I would really like to meet up with other mums in the area! I'm 35 and my first child, a boy, has just turned 3 months.

Should we meet up for a coffee in central Bromley in the near future?

Mangunhuta Thu 09-Jun-11 21:39:19

Hi all, just wondering how you're finding living in Bromley? We live in Central London but with 2 little 'uns (3 & 1) we want to move out and are looking at Bromley. Don't know the area at all so any feedback would be very welcome! Many thanks

Iggly Thu 09-Jun-11 21:45:43

I live in Beckenham, in the Bromley borough. DS is 20 months and it's great - lots of playgroups, the spa has swimming and softplay, the library has story and rhyme time in the week, there are parks (Cator, Kelsey, Croydon rec) etc etc.

Shopping wise you can go to Bromley town centre. Beckenham has four supermarkets.

Transport wise - can get to london very easily for work. Trams as well and a few buses.

Not sure what else you want to know?

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