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New-ish to Kingston,

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TicketToHull Fri 15-Oct-10 15:09:08

Befuddled and be-smeared woman, new to both Kingston and motherhood, seeks other like-minded individuals to engage in scintillating and longer-than-two-syllabled conversation, light hearted relief and cake. Has 6 month old subscription to the Sleepus Interruptis (also known as The Baby) perpetually unwashed hair and a fierce longing to make Nigella's cookbook collection my own.

Children optional, though welcomed.

HMTheQueen Fri 15-Oct-10 15:27:08


I used to live in Kingston, but have moved now (and my DS is older now) but I found a great way to meet people was at the Rose Theatre Rhyme Time. Mostly it is coffee and cakes with a few songs for the DC. It used to be on a monday morning, but if you go and check with the box office they'll be able to tell you.

Also, the library does a singing/craft thing too, so you might find some people there as well.

Good luck!

elleni Thu 28-Oct-10 14:48:58


I live in Epsom, so not far from you, and have a 3 month old baby and a son of 20 months. Not been living in Epsom long and would be good to meet some other mums. Cant promise much on the scintillating conversation though (bit sleep deprived) but will do my best. If its conversation your'e after would also recommend that we meet when my son is at nursery as he is completely manic and never sits still for more than a minute, although I could always bribe him with some cake and see how it goes.

Message me if you fancy meeting up sometime x

TicketToHull Tue 23-Nov-10 23:52:41

Sorry for the late replies - not sure how I managed to evade for so long.

HMTheQueen - Thanks so much for the suggestions, have started going along to Rhyme Time on Fridays and although I've spent most of the time socialising with the plant in the corner whilst the baby decides that the favoured and most obvious choice of location for sleep is a room full of shrieking children, I've managed to speak to a few other mums.

Elleni - Will definitely take you up on the offer. Once I work out how to message people, you'll be getting which kitchen appliance I would be and why, in true Blind Date stylee.

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