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Cockermouth mums to be?

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SaltedPretzels Fri 15-Oct-10 10:54:43

Hello, I'm due in April and live/work in Cockermouth, it would be great to chat/meet up with other MTB around the area.

Pennyly Thu 25-Nov-10 13:48:54

I'm in Whitehaven and am due in July. I've only been in the area a year so don't know too many people yet. Most of the people I do know spend all their time climbing mountains, which is all very well until the morning sickness kicks in...

SaltedPretzels Wed 01-Dec-10 15:02:49

lol Myself and DH have a mountaineering company!

I stick to the office side of things, I don't have the energy for the fells as well as baby!

Because I do the office side of the business I work from home so don't get out and meet people much, that's why I was so glad to find Mumsnet. Although things will have to change when baby comes along as I can't stay in all day and work then. Well back to work.

Pennyly Fri 03-Dec-10 08:11:29

Yup, energy levels running low over here too! I'm a teacher so no time for being tired at work though. I've only got another two weeks until the holidays though thank goodness!

glulu Mon 14-Feb-11 00:24:04

hi mums to be!

I am looking for lovely pregnant mums to take classy black and white photos of for my current art project. I am currently at the art college in carlisle now that my kids are all at secondary school enjoying making stuff. Anyone interested???

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