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Viewing 2 houses in Fareham this weekend .. what's better

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pompadourprincess Wed 13-Oct-10 15:07:25

Hi ladies

For those who know Fareham I am viewing 2 this weekend .
1 in North Fareham the red barn lane , Kiln road area

The other is just off west street so right by the town.

Could you please tell me about the areas if possible as I don't know the areas at all and also schools.

Thanks in advance

mumbar Wed 13-Oct-10 19:01:17

Hi, I live right by this road and my DS goes to the catchment school for N. Fareham Red Barn Lane. Ask me anything and I'll help you. There's a fab cafe (cake!) on Highlands road there and would be willing to meet you if you need any advice, or to answer specific questions. I live between the 2 roads so could meet in town if its easier?

Do you have DC's and what age are they. Can help me think of relevant info for you??

Oh so exited a MN may come live near me grin

mumbar Wed 13-Oct-10 19:35:38

Oh Sorry just read the whats better part of the OP smile

N. Fareham quiter, near all facilities but further from the A27 and all the main traffic routes. West Street fine, if its near Aldi end then there is more traffic during rush hour, further from local schools altho easily accessible if you walk (20 mins or so) but if your communting to work its straight access to the A 27.

The N fareham one has school access on the road, takes about 3 minutes drive to get on M27 but the junction there is get on for travelling towards Portsmouth and get off for exit at Fareham North. You can aceess the M27 at junction 9 or 11 if your going the either way. Its about 5 minutes from West Street to junction 11 slightly longer from N Fareham but only about 2 minutes more. Probably only a mile or so to junction 11.

Really depends on which part of West Street your looking (is it west street or a road off it). I would prob recommend Red Barn Lane.

mumbar Wed 13-Oct-10 19:45:03

Local School for Red Barn Lane area is Orchard Lea Infants and juniors on same site. Primary school nearby is Uplands or Harrison which both would be be accessible from both the Roads.

Also St Judes Catholic Primary on A27 fairly near both roads if your looking for a faith school.

Wallidean Infants/ juniors and Oak Meadow and Redlands Primary also in local area so hopefully should find a school that you like.

Personally I would recommend Orchard Lea or Uplands. Wallisdean has a unit for hearing impired, and there are 2 special schools very near as well so education to meet all needs of the children. There is a sure start centre off of Highlands road that does breakfast and after school club for Uplands, Orchard Lea and Oak Meadow if you need childcare for school aged children. DS loves it. There is also a nursery school there if you have younger children.

Theres a leisure centre in Fareham which has a pool and lots of activities for children including trampolining, gym etc and theres a large grassy area with play park there too. For walking/ cycling theres the deviation line (accessed from Highlands road or Red barn lane area) which is great for outdoors with LO. Theres lots of berries to pick as well in the autumn.

Well have rambled on for ages but hope theres some useful info here. Feel free to post here if you have any more questions of inbox me if you like.

As I said I'd be willing to meet you at some point when you visit and talk you through all the practicalities of living here without the estate agents selling points grin

pompadourprincess Wed 13-Oct-10 21:55:32

Wow thanks for all the information.
The catchment for the N Fareham school is Orchard Lea , I will be looking for a pre school too.

Catchment area for the town house is Harrison which seems to have a better Ofsted but doesn't mean everything.

I'm really worried about not knowing a single person so its great if we could meet up or even if you point me in the direction of good groups to join.

Also is it fairly easy to get to all amenities from N Fareham . I'm currently quite isolated where I live and I find i get stuck for things to do as we only have 1 car and DH needs it for work.

Thanks again you have been soooo helpful

mumbar Wed 13-Oct-10 22:22:45

Very easily accessible and great bus service.

Harrison has an oustanding ofsted but tbh it's the one school locally I didn't want to send DS to. Its a very large school, with quite a small outside play area. It has a field but is only able to be used about 3 months of the year. Obviously tho you may have different thoughts.

What age are your DC's? Theres a pre-school down the road from Orchard Lea that many of the pupils attend, and many who live the funtly way too. Its in a road called Frosthole Cresent. There is also the nursery at Growing Places (Oak meadow family centre) where breakfast/ after school club is.

DS is currently in YR2 at Orchard Lea Infants and I have applied for him to attend juniors there next year. Both are on the same site.

There are also loads of group at Oak Meadow family centre.

Definatly can meet up. I can get some information about groups in the area etc for you as that information should help you when deciding which of the 2 are the better option. When are you visiting? I have no plans for the weekend so available if that helps???

pompadourprincess Thu 14-Oct-10 11:58:38

Thats lovely of you, I'm seeing them on Friday so will let you know . I'm more leaning towards the N Fareham as it will be quieter than the Town which I like but still close enough.
DS will need a YR1 place so he must be only a yr younger than ur DC.
My DS2 is almost 3 so will enquire about pre schools as soon as I can

Sidge Thu 14-Oct-10 12:15:18

I would prefer North Fareham as it's quieter and more family friendly than the town. Still fairly easy to get to amenities, there are shops, doctor's surgery etc on Highlands Road. You could walk or bus into town.

Not overly familiar with the schools, a friend's DS is in Year 2 at Harrison and is very happy with it. Another friend's foster child was at Orchard Lea and had no complaints.

The leisure centre in Fareham is nice and the main library is good.

mumbar Thu 14-Oct-10 16:05:51

Your DS is a year younger school wise yes, DS is yr 2 at the mo, altho he's only just 6 as birthday is towards the end of August.

I work until 3.15pm on Friday and then get DS and around from 4ish.

GettinTrimmer Fri 15-Oct-10 22:05:32

Hi pompadour, hope your viewings go well.

I live in North Fareham, very close to the leisure centre, my chidren go to Uplands Primary - both of them are happy there, ds in year 4, dd in year 1. The reception unit has a new outside play area and there is a maths zone.

For pre-schools, it is worth looking at Trinity in central Fareham, many of the children either go to Harrison or Uplands schools. Just to let you know, Uplands has a new after school club, just for uplands pupils in a nursery very close to the school.

Agree with mumbar also worth looking at Growing Places @ Oakmeadow (pre school), my dd went there and really enjoyed it.

MumBarTheDoorZombiesAreComing Sat 16-Oct-10 14:05:30

Hi getting trimmer, nice to meet you on here. You are very local to me. I have a friend with 2 dd's in Uplands yr 1&2 so kind of in the same year as each other iyswim.

My DS went to Miller Drive Good Manors nursery school - is this where the after school club is now held?? Most of the DC's from there go to Uplands and DS would have but we moved during application process.

Both of you should join our local network chats we meet during holidays for a day and do something.

GettinTrimmer Sat 16-Oct-10 15:11:04

Hi Mumbar, good halloween name!!

Yes, Uplands have just organised a new after school club in Good Manors, Miller Drive. They did have a company called Kidscape based at the leisure centre, but that closed over the summer. Having said that, a few still use Oakmeadow.

Yes, would be nice to meet new people around here, we probably only live a few roads away from each other!

pompadourprincess Sat 16-Oct-10 16:06:23

Thanks ladies yes the House was fine maybe a touch on the small side but I prefered it to the town one as I feel that may get too loud.
I will call schools on Monday to ask about places as neither may have spaces in yr1 and maybe get to do a couple of viewings.
Orchard lea is minutes away where as uplands is about 10/15 minute walk at a guess . Both Ofsted's seem similar so its difficult to know until I go there . I did speak to someone who does supply locally and she said she rated uplands very highly. My only concern would be as a out of catchment sibling would my ds2 get a place in 2012.

dolphin13 Sat 16-Oct-10 21:37:45

How exciting a new Mnetter for us to play with. When are you moving princess?.
You must come to one of our meet ups.

MumBarTheDoorZombiesAreComing Sun 17-Oct-10 08:07:05

Its like our own little gang!!

Getting Trimmer yes we must meet. Your DD probably knows my friends DD as in the same year at Uplands. Your right many of the children that went to the leisure centre club are now at Oakmedow, My DS has met back up with some nursery friends which is lovely.

Uplands is usually over subscribed Princess although I believe this year wasn't but it may be a risk for DS2 getting a space, although having a sobling already there will help it depends on the number from catchment subscribing. TBH I don't know what the spaces in Orchard Lea are like but I do know that DS has had new classmates join last year so they may have a bit of movement over a year.

Where are you moving from if you don't mind me asking??

GettinTrimmer Sun 17-Oct-10 09:06:27

Princess - my friend who lives in nearby Portchester but further away in catchment than Red Barn Lane got in, and then the sibling was offered a place at Uplands. Good luck with viewings, good choice of schools around here.

If you're considering Harrison, it's difficult to park, I've heard some parents just drop them off in the road, but quite a few park in the leisure centre then walk through.

Mumbar - my dd probably knows both of your friend's dds, Uplands does mixed years y1/y2 are in together. I help in dd's y1 class so I may know them too.

If you see a red in the face person running around the Highlands Road today, then it's probably me - I am training for the Great South Run it is only next week, today is my last long run <gulp!>

Dolphin - Hello! Nice to meet someone else local.

MumBarTheDoorZombiesAreComing Sun 17-Oct-10 09:34:21

I see lots of people running up Highlands I often think I should be doing it too - then the 60 steps grin Best of luck with the GSR.

Yes I would imagine they do know each other they are in different classes so chances of 1 being in your DD's class is high. Ones in Mrs C's class one in Miss E's.

I have considered trying DS for Uplands for juniors although I don't him to have to make friends all over again. I tried for yr 3 and they were waiting for spaces but as the systems changed they couldn't tell me until Sept and I wanted DS to start the term and stay in one place iyswim. Ive applied for OL juniors which is fine and I have no problems with it just think as it was my catchment school I'd try and get him back there. Lots of kids in my street go too wallidean, St Judes, Oakmeadow and OL. I live in the new road built where the laundry use to be (cyrptic clue without giving too much away!!)

fareham ladies and gents should we arrange a meet up for 1/2 term, Princess could come and join us and we could offload some of our wisdom upon her grin

dolphin13 Sun 17-Oct-10 11:00:49

Hi gettintrimmer nice to meet you grin.
I'm in Gosport but Fareham end.
Wish I could say the Alverstoke end.

MumBarTheDoorZombiesAreComing Sun 17-Oct-10 18:33:30

Oh getting trimmer make that Mrs F's class not mrs C's wink

GettinTrimmer Sun 17-Oct-10 19:32:37

Mumbar - I've got a good idea I know who they are. My dd is in miss F's class. I think I know your road, can't imagine where else it would be.

Let me know what day in half term you have in mind.

Dolphin - you are very handy for Monkey bizness! dd had her party there back in Jan.

GettinGhoulish Sun 17-Oct-10 19:35:54

Just checking my halloween name change!

dolphin13 Sun 17-Oct-10 21:02:45

Yes I am very near MB maybe we could all meet there sometime. My LOs love it there

MumBarTheDoorZombiesAreComing Sun 17-Oct-10 22:20:54

DS loves it too, I mentioned to my friend I'd 'chatted' to a MN who her dd may know her dd but don't know who she is an anon and said she ought to come along too if thats OK. Yeah your right if your thinking about my road its off GHL grin. MB sounds great as we can talk whilst dc's play.

Love the halloween name smile

GettinGhoulish Mon 18-Oct-10 09:40:38

I'm intrigued Mumbar! I will have to speak to whoever I think it is at pick up time grin It could be one of two sets of girls.

Dolphin - mine like mb too, we went there last year for a halloween party, it was packed.

Have you been living in the area for long?

MumBarTheDoorZombiesAreComing Mon 18-Oct-10 18:20:20

There mum doesn't pick them up grin

I know who the other set of girls are too grin Its the girls who the younger one is in Mrs F class.

I lived in Portsmouth until 1991, then Portchester until 1999, worked abroad and returned to Fareham 2006 and lived in this flat 3 years. Before that lived in the Miller Dirve estate.

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