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Mums in the Bolton area

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SueBa Thu 07-Oct-10 23:01:02

Hi. It looks like the Bolton thread has been a bit quiet of late? I'm a fairly new mum so it would be great to hear from other mums in the area.

Flojo1979 Tue 19-Oct-10 22:03:23

I've just joined my youngest is coming up to two. I'm just over the boarder in adlington but i'm a horwicher born n bred!

SueBa Sun 24-Oct-10 14:14:09

Hi Flojo. Good to hear from you. I've got a one year old so while I'm an old hand at teething etc, I'm still trying to find my feet with other things like weaning the wee fella off dummies at bedtime. Any advice?! (Any advice is a polite way of saying 'Oh God, please help me!!!')

Debntilly Tue 29-Mar-11 16:41:04

Hi girls just joined been banned for nm for using it too much been told about mn and heard your all a lot nicer so thought I'd pop over and say hi x really can't believe them at nm do def agree now with the comments I have heard about if u are successful they don't want you xx

neverontime Tue 12-Apr-11 22:41:38

Hello all!
I'm new on here, just joined up today. I have 2 toddlers.

Flojo1979 Thu 05-May-11 12:39:32

Hi, neverontime, sorry for delay but this thread doesnt seem to automatically show in my 'i'm on' list????!!

OyOfMidWorld Sat 28-May-11 00:16:01

Hi ladies. I have a 14 mo DS and have just gone back to work, always nice to meet other Bolton mummys.

shellchildminder Mon 30-May-11 23:00:54

Hi all i am a registered childminder in the little lever/radcliffe area, i can work early mornings,late evenings and weekends and i am also ofsted registered for overnight care.

I have 1 full or part time space left at the moment. xxxxx

x2boys Thu 02-Jun-11 18:25:10

i live right on the the border of bolton and bury stoneclogh i,m astaff nurse at the royal bolton hospital i have two boys of 4and 1

neverontime Thu 02-Jun-11 18:36:24

Hello everyone! smile

tutsie Thu 23-Jun-11 14:28:17

Hi mums i just joined. I live near walkden, just moved from london and have a 2.5toddler n a 3month old.

FooffyShmoofferschinhair Sun 26-Jun-11 12:24:08

Just wanted to say Hi. I have DS (9) and DD (2.10) and live in Halliwell.

<waving> smile

sHELLSBELLS86 Thu 14-Jul-11 10:50:11

Hi, I have DS (2.9) and live in heaton/smithills area

friendly waves smile

CatherineLL Sun 24-Jul-11 13:58:22

Hi i am a new mum to a 14 week old. I live in Bolton but don't know any other Mums. My Sisters who have Children live quiet far away and I do not drive. Moving soon staying in Bolton but unfortunately lovely area but nothing local to meet other Mums or no where to take my son to meet others hopefully when i move i can have a wander may find something etc sometimes you feel a bit isolated

Passmethecake Thu 04-Aug-11 20:26:08

Hi CatherineLL. I completely sympathise with you as I'm in a similar boat. It's even worse during the school hols because all the groups I was thinking of joining (that aren't already full up) have closed for the summer break. There's not a great deal for mums and kids under four to do round here. If anyone knows of any groups / activities please let me know!

GiggidyGiggidy Wed 28-Sep-11 15:58:13

Hi all, I'm a new mum to dd who is 22 weeks this Sunday and I live in the Heaton area.

Linds38 Fri 30-Sep-11 22:28:10

Hi everyone, just joined today. I have a (just turned) 3 year old boy - live in Little Lever and would be interested to make new friends (who's kid/s need new friends too!), as have led a fairly transitory life up until recently so don't know many people in the area.
Anyone interested, get in touch!! :-))

sand12 Wed 12-Oct-11 09:23:19

Hi everyone I live in Bromley Cross area I have a 9 yr old boy and 6yr old girl I'm a lone parent.

kritur Fri 21-Oct-11 21:30:08

I'm 34 weeks with my first and live in rural N Bolton close to Blackburn border, kind of above Bradshaw/Turton area!

OyOfMidWorld Mon 24-Oct-11 14:31:36

Hello ladies. I'm in Farnworth and stay at home mum to my little boy who is 18 months old.

stephfinn30 Wed 09-Nov-11 13:38:46

Hi Ladies, I have just joine Mums net i have a little boy who is 3 1/2 and a little girl who is 9 months. I live in bolton and would ove to mett other mums who live hear. i have only lived here a year and i was pregnant with my daughter when we moved so i havent really had the chance to make new friends.


stephfinn30 Wed 09-Nov-11 13:45:35

Calling all mums..I have looked for play groups in our area and i cannot find anything. I was thinking of going to fidgets (on dunscar industrial estate) on Friday morning. I thought this would be a good chance to meet other mums and also try and set up something more regular for our tots. Let me know anyone who would be interested in this.

Mum to Lj - 3.5 & IH - 9 months


GiggidyGiggidy Wed 16-Nov-11 00:24:14

Hi Steph, I would be interested in something like that. My dd is 6months and so some of the groups available locally are not suitable for her (they are mostly aimed at toddlers doing arts and crafts etc). Plus it would be nice to get out somewhere different and meet other mums of children of a similiar age to mine.

Boltonghirl Mon 21-Nov-11 15:33:44

Hi all - working mother of two based in Bolton - who said it gets easier as they get older?? Anyway my hubby runs a civil ceremony company and does baby naming ceremonies. If anyone is interested visit his website or message me for more details.

Boltonghirl Mon 21-Nov-11 15:40:21

Ah should have ticked 'convert links automatically'box. D'oh!

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