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New to Brighton and Hove

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internetaddict Thu 07-Oct-10 10:02:40

Hi Mums/mums to be

I'm Laura and my family and I have just moved to Hove. My dd is 6 and at school and my ds is 3 and goes every morning.

I'd love to meet some fellow Mums either for meeting with kids or dare I say the odd glass of wine!

Also wondered how often the Mumsnet get togethers are?


2shoes Thu 07-Oct-10 10:05:53

there is a meet up on saturday(no kids one) if you are interested

internetaddict Thu 07-Oct-10 10:15:14

Thanks 2shoes. Is that just for Mums then? Can you tell me where and when - might leave dh in charge for an hour!

2shoes Thu 07-Oct-10 10:18:50

here at 1.30 if you pm me I can tell you the name it is booked under

internetaddict Thu 07-Oct-10 10:23:43

Ah, I can't make that time, I can only do morning on Saturday, that's a shame

Please let me know if there are any other meet ups arranged soon though. Thanks

2shoes Thu 07-Oct-10 10:26:57

oh thats a shame.

internetaddict Thu 07-Oct-10 10:28:21

Do you meet up regularly?

northernmonkey Sat 09-Oct-10 14:52:50

Hi there, i've also just recently moved here and i have 3 dcs
Ds1- 9 dd- 7 and ds2- 3 He goes to school in the afternoons but if you ever wanted to meet at one of the parks with them at the weekends, i dont mind.
I'm very near hove park but can drive so can travel aswell

internetaddict Sun 10-Oct-10 20:10:27

Hi northernmonkey

Typical - you're free mornings and I'm free afternoons! But yes a weekend sounds good too. I'm near Hove Park too. When did you move here and where from? We moved at the beginning of Aug from Warwickshire. All very new still but so far so good! x

northernmonkey Mon 11-Oct-10 10:02:52

We moved from Sheffield at the beginning of July so only been here a month longer than you <although this is the 3rd time i've lived here and will never move away again>

Well with the weather being nice today i'm thinking of taking mine straight from school for an hour so if your free come down. My pic is on my profile so if you see a woman sitting on her own shouting franticaly in a northern accent, you'l know its me grin
If not we can arrange to go there this weekend if you like <<oh and it Kay here >>

internetaddict Mon 11-Oct-10 10:36:07

Fab, we'll take a trip down after school and look out for you. I'm Laura by the way! x

HoveToffeeCrisp Wed 13-Oct-10 17:34:41

Hi internetaddict, you gave me some really useful and much appreciated advice about schools. We moved to Hove 3 years ago from London and I've also got a 3 year old son. I am nearish to Stoneham Park and Hove Lagoon if you fancy meeting one day. I am free most Tues afternoons.

internetaddict Thu 14-Oct-10 10:06:44

Hi HoveToffeeCrisp (love the name!)

We'd love to meet up one Tuesday afternoon, my son is Luke, he'll be 4 in December and I'm Laura. I drive so am happy to meet wherever. We've been to Hove Lagoon a few times so happy to meet there. x

HoveToffeeCrisp Thu 14-Oct-10 13:59:06

How about next Tuesday 19th 2 ish at Hove Lagoon if weather ok - it's a bit grim down there if it's windy. I shall hang around by the swings. I'm Jane by the way!

internetaddict Thu 14-Oct-10 18:11:43

Fab - see you there

HoveToffeeCrisp Tue 19-Oct-10 08:40:40

Just to confirm that we'll be there today

internetaddict Tue 19-Oct-10 08:58:41

Hi Jane, see you there!

Christineeve Mon 29-Nov-10 13:49:30

Hi there

My name's Christine and we moved to Hove in September. I have 2 little girls - one who's 2 1/2 and one who's just turned one.

Although we go to lots of playgroups and are always out and about, I'm dying to meet up with mums with kids of similar ages for a moan, a coffee or even some mulled wine if it gets too cold

j3ss Tue 30-Nov-10 15:11:48


I just moved to hove a month ago too and would love to meet up one afternoon. I work most mornings but free after 2pm - I have an 18 month old boy.

Christineeve Tue 30-Nov-10 15:53:35

Hi there

Do you fancy meeting up this Friday afternoon for a quick coffee and then going to see the Christmas lights getting turned on in Palmeira Square?

I find the Book Nook very good on First Avenue for coffee as they have a play area for kids which tends to keep them entertained for a little while.


j3ss Wed 01-Dec-10 19:39:25


Just sent you a message about this Friday as meeting some others then, hope you can make it.


MABS Thu 02-Dec-10 08:14:22

love you all to come to our brighton meet up Sat lunch?

j3ss Fri 03-Dec-10 12:32:02

where is it? What time?

MABS Fri 03-Dec-10 13:18:05

pinnocchios at 1ish i think, have a look at thread, love to meet you.

j3ss Fri 03-Dec-10 16:18:53

Thanks for the invite but will have my little one that day now as my partner has to work - but hopefully I'll be able to make it to another one in the future. Have fun.

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