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Parent & Child Experiment on Colour Preference and Toy Play

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iww21 Sun 03-Oct-10 23:26:16

Parent & Child Experiment:
If you've ever wanted to do something special yet fun with your child, here's your chance (and a good chance to win £50 cash!)---Come with your child for a one-hour psychological experiment on colour preference and toy play in central Cambridge.

Your child is 20-39 months old now or in a few months
Your child has no known colour vision defect
You can be either a mother or father
Duration: one hour
Venue: Department of Social and Developmental Psychology, Free School Lane, University of Cambridge, CB2 3RQ, situated conveniently opposite King?s College, central Cambridge.
Rewards: One in every twelve participants will win a £50 cash prize! Your child will also receive a sticker and a balloon as souvenirs. A special memory and lots of fun.
Appointments: Appointments can be made during and outside office hours, weekdays and weekends.
Contact: Ivy Wong at if interested.

EauRouge Mon 04-Oct-10 19:52:39

Sounds interesting! I've emailed you.

aendr Sat 13-Nov-10 19:57:35

I did this recently. Ivy is lovely and DS and I enjoyed ourselves.

cakeforbrains Sat 13-Nov-10 20:15:56

I've emailed you too

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