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Just moved to Richmond, please help!

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nevareka Sun 03-Oct-10 23:04:07

Dear Mums,
Thank you for reading my post. Please help.
My husband just got a job in London and we moved from US few months ago. Our son needs to go to secondary school next year.
I started to look for the school and so far just founded Tiffin that I hear is hard to get in. Can you please list the schools that you know is good in the area? My son has no problem to commute. Private is an option too, although our financial status is not the best and we prefer public.
Thank you so much. I have no idea what to do.

teddymum Mon 04-Oct-10 21:53:40

Alot of the secondary schools in richmond are linked to primary schools. Where does your ds attend now? For tiffin he will have to sit an exam, as he will with any other grammar school. Many of the secondary schools are holding open days/evenings at the moment so you can go look around and get a feel for the school. The local council is very helpful and great for giving out advice on catchments/linked schools etc. Their is also a brochure online on the richmond council website which talks a little about each state secondary in the borough.

Good luck and welcome to England smile

HowsTheSerenity Mon 04-Oct-10 22:02:33

How long are you planning on being here? Do you want him to do A levels or the IB (to gain entry into US universities).
What about Kingston Grammar, Greycourt School, Christs School, Orleans Park. If you want to stick to a US curriculum how about Cobham or Tassis. Bit of a drive though, but there are buses from the area to the school.

Suzihaha Fri 15-Oct-10 23:13:53

Tiffins is by far the best state school near to Richmond; but it is always oversubscribed and your son will have to pass the entrance exams (I think only the top 10% of boys get a place).

The best state school in the borough for boys is Orleans Park.

In the independent sector, Hampton Boys is the closest to Richmond I think and they always get fantastic results (offer scholarships and bursaries also).

I have to say I would avoid Grey Court and the now-called Twickenham, Richmond Park & Hampton Academies. They don't have the best reputations academically or for behaviour.

Teddington and Christ's schools are ok, but not as good as Orleans.

I grew up in the borough, now live in the borough and know a lot of friends with kids at local borough schools!

It is best to go and have a look round during the open days and see what you feel about the schools.

muminlondon Sat 16-Oct-10 00:13:43

Grey Court's new(ish) head has made huge improvements. It went through a shaky patch a few years ago but if you look at applications figures for last year (download the secondary school admissions brochure) you will find it is now oversubscribed and as popular as Christ's.

It's not selective like Tiffin but it doesn't have the same behavioural problems as Shene. And results are definitely better. Worth a look.

heavenlydish Tue 19-Oct-10 14:28:49

The Richmond Upon Thames Council website has a list of all the schools and its worth looking at the OFSTED website to see what results were last year. Hampton is great if your child is academic but also worth looking at Halliford in Shepperton, St Benedicts in Ealing and Latymer in Hammersmith if exam results are not the be all and end all and you are interested in the more rounded child.

BayJay Wed 06-Apr-11 13:53:24

All Richmond Borough parents need to be aware that the council is looking to make some significant changes to Secondary Schools over the coming years, which could impact the intake, and hence performance, of existing schools, so check out the thread: "New Secondaries for Richmond Borough" and join the debate. The council will listen to parents' views, but we can only engage in the process if we know what's going on.

BayJay Wed 06-Apr-11 14:07:57

Oops, corrected link for "New Secondaries for Richmond Borough".

cath100 Sun 17-Apr-11 10:59:09

tiffin is good but very hard to get into, but greycourt used to have a bad reputation but has become a very good school, but still easy to get into due to previous rep, catch it while you can...
good luck!

PhyllisDietrichson Tue 02-Oct-12 16:54:55

School conundrum please help - going bonkers thinking about it all.

We're looking at schools for DS for Sept 13. We can't decide at all and have gone round and round in circles trying to decide. We live locally so there's no school links anymore. We'd probably get into Orleans but are not sure whether to go for it, or we could eat beans for next 7 years to afford the Hampton or KGS fees.

DS is bright tho' passing an Inde exam is not a definite. He's sociable and fun, easily distracted and drawn to 'lively' (cheeky) boys in particular. He's sporty, musical and mathematical. He's can be quite lazy and needs watching or he'll do the minimum to get by.

I know someone who supply taught at Orleans and said behaviour was really not at all good in some lessons. Conversely friends with DC's there are very happy and say it's only a small minority who cause problems and that dicipline's not an issue. Allowing for DC's abilities and character. Do we try for Hampton/KGS where he'll be expected to keep standards high and where behavour's probably better OR follow our ideals and go for a well thought of local comp and accept it's good and it's bad and save ourselves a fortune?

What are your experiences please?

Bubblenut Sun 04-Nov-12 19:43:17

The link given above is very good.

Definitely avoid GreyCourt - as much as there have been really good improvements, it is still needed a lot more work

muminlondon Mon 05-Nov-12 17:02:53

Grey Court beat Orleans on 5 A-C GCSEs including English and Maths in 2012 with 68%. It also got a similar score to Orleans on Ebacc (31%) which is above borough average (25%) and way above national average. They have been oversubscribed for a while now and this year may be oversubscribed on first preference. As the OP was asking whether Orleans Park was like a private school it might disappoint on that score but as a comparison with Orleans or any other community school it is still on the up and has the potential to overtake, and I know many very satisfied parents there.

muminlondon Mon 05-Nov-12 18:59:30

Sorry, PhyllisDietrichson reviving this thread, not the original poster, was considering Orleans Park alongside private schools for boys. Latest 2012 provisional results (see last page) show progress of all schools in the last two years in terms of results. All schools have recently become academies (Christ's is due to follow) and will be opening sixth forms.

Bubblenut Mon 05-Nov-12 19:52:28

Orleans is definitely not like a private school!

Welcome to Richmond though! I'm also in Richmond!

MumCareer Wed 05-Dec-12 12:49:02

Coming from abroad too, this is my advice:
Start by thinking what you want to achieve.
- If you are keen to stay in the UK till after he finishes secondary school it might be worth investing, as a lot in the UK for future careers seems to depend on which school and uni you went to.
- The word 'academic' is used for bright children. It doesn't necessarily mean they enjoy studying. Schools that are 'academic' tend to take the brightest children, and if your child is one of those that is definitely what you want. Most schools that are academic, offer a well-rounded education on top of very good academic matters. If not they will struggle and you will need a school offering a 'more rounded education' as it is called in the UK.
- If you intend to return to the US you might wish to opt for an international school (there's one in Chiswick, and one in Cobham), or at least look for a school that offers IB (which apparently ties in with the US system more)
- If you are looking for a state school, you need to check catchment areas first.
- It's also worth checking 'The Good Schools Guide'. They have a good website and I believe they might even explain the education system in the UK. And believe me, it takes a bit of reading up before you get it. Apart from state/private you also have to choose between co-ed or single-sex, IB or A-levels, boarding/day, and so on. Some senior schools start at age 13 others at age 11.

All he best! And welcome to Richmond!

BlackCrowe Wed 17-Apr-13 17:59:13

Hot off the press....Grey Court has just got it's Ofsted report back. Outstanding in all areas. That is a game changer for Richmond and North Kingston.

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