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Please tell me what it's like to live where you live!

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thell Sun 03-Oct-10 16:21:32

Hello lovely Hertfordshire people!

We currently live in South East London and want to move in the next few years to somewhere that isn't!
We've just spent the weekend in the area - wandered around Hitchin yesterday, stayed over there, then popped into Letchworth today, although the shops were mostly closed and it was very quiet.

We liked Hitchin, and are not sure at this stage what to make of Letchworth.

Would you mind telling me where you live, and whether you recommend it as a family home? Are the schools good? Are the people nice / weird / eccentric? Is there stuff going on? Stuff for kids to do?


ab1975 Thu 11-Nov-10 13:35:16

Hi there,
I moved here 2 weeks ago and it's a bit too early to say. It is very different to London - both good and bad, I'm still getting used to it. I moved from Wimbledon.
There are some outstanding schools - mainly primary but the secondary are quite good too. Baldock seems to have a better secondary school than Hitchin - at the moment anyway.
Hitchin is quite pretty and the people are really kind and friendly. The trains are quick into King's Cross but expensive. There are some really pretty villages outside of Hitchin which I'd probably prefer to live in but then you probably wouldn't be in catchment for a good school.
There are activities for toddlers every day of the week - Sing and Sign, playgroups, Tick-Tock (music club) etc. There must be loads of children here! And there's an indoor and outdoor swimming pool.
That's all I can tell you for now. We are renting and will decide after Christmas whether to stay here and buy somewhere.
Good luck! x

Wixer Mon 22-Nov-10 14:57:38

Hi, we just moved to Pirton - about 4 weeks ago from crystal palace and so far so good. loads going on in the village (good school, playgroup and toddler group) and everyone is so friendly - bit of a culture shock! Plus we are only 10 mins out of hitchin, which i'm still exploring, but has pretty much everything you need. Its just nice to be somewhere a bit quieter and in the country, esp with 3 young children.
Happy house hunting!

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