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Hazlemere/Holmer Green - good place to live?

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chillipickle Sun 03-Oct-10 14:57:44

It's ever so quiet here... but just in case anyone is out there, I need advice about a possible move to Hazlemere/Holmer Green.

We're currently living in central High Wycombe, so not total strangers to the area. At the moment we're in a rented flat (too small!) and we'll need to apply for a school place for ds1 in another year, so would like to move to a house and area that will suit us for a few years.

We have looked around some schools and are currently considering the Park estate or Holmer Green. However we're not sure what life would be like there, having been used to walking to the Rye, library, museum etc. and being a short hop from soft play areas and the swimming pool.

So wise and local MNers, can anyone tell me what life is like up there? We have two dc aged 6 months and 3 years, so in the short term we'd be looking for toddler activities and lovely parents for company, but later on hopefully the 70s idyll of kids playing in the street and cycling to their friends' houses. And a few things to keep them occupied locally so we don't have to travel to Wycombe all the time.

Any advice would be most gratefully received.

jammiedodger2 Mon 18-Oct-10 21:05:16

I grew up on the park estate. I live in the top end of totteridge/terriers now as we couldn't easily afford it but both my dc go to hazlemere church of england school which I love. Happen to be friends with the head of cedar park so I know thats a good school also
They are just building a new childrens centre at hazlemere cross roads and the shops at park parade are pretty good. The gardens on the park estate tend to be a good size. I know there have been some problems with kids hanging around on the manor farm estate but I don't think thats a problem down the hill.
There are also a couple of nice parks and youth clubs around.
I'd go for it!

chillipickle Mon 25-Oct-10 21:31:56

Thanks for the helpful info, jammiedodger. I didn't know about the childrens centre, but that could be very handy for us.

We did the tour of cedar park school and thought it was very good, so that kind of focused us on the park estate area.

Do you know of any nice toddler groups there? I was thinking it might be a good way to meet local mums and find out a bit more about what's going on.

AScaryFuckingLemonadeDrinker Mon 25-Oct-10 21:36:04

Drug den, apart from that it's actually very nice - parts are definatly very '70s/80s' - children playing on bikes etc

chillipickle Mon 25-Oct-10 21:42:37

Drug den, really?!

jammiedodger2 Thu 11-Nov-10 08:13:40

There was a Cannabis factory about 18 months ago 8 houses up from my in-laws. Got raided and closed down. TBH I think they probably picked the location because it was so quiet.
Otherwise no more drugs than any other place wink

Bexster2 Sun 26-Dec-10 20:12:18


I'm not sure that I am allowed to post this message, but cannot find any obvious rules to say not. My sister and I are currently in the process of setting up a silver and copper imprint jewellery business (both of us live near High Wycombe) and are looking for opportunities to show off our jewellery. If you have any ideas of good toddler groups/fairs please could you let me know - all help gratefully received!

We are hoping to organise some sort of discount for groups, e.g. 10% off all orders from a group or similar so are hoping to appeal to small local groups. We are also setting up a website (currently draft We are keen to ensure that our offering is right. We are taking great pride in making sure our pieces are good quality before we send them out.

Thanks in advance for any input.

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