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Aquanatal classes at Park Road Leisure Centre

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Murphy34 Thu 30-Sep-10 12:05:38

Does anyone go to the Aqua-natal classes at Park Road Leisure Centre in Crouch End on a Monday at 7pm? I am thinking of going and just wondered what they were like and what was involved.

TottenhamMama Thu 14-Oct-10 11:53:44

They are nice - not exercise as such - ie you won't get a workout. The teacher says they are to get you birth fit rather than fit for birth. The pelvic floor stuff particularly good - and the relaxation but is nice. Some classes are very crowded others less so but depends from week to week. Times have changed about a bit so worth ringing pool to check time on the day in case they have changed- eg half term week has slightly different times.

Warning - she's often running late so get a longer car parking ticket than you think you need!!

Murphy34 Fri 22-Oct-10 13:03:00

Thanks TottenhamMama. The Monday time has changed to 6.30pm so I couldn't make that one so I have been going to the 7pm class on Wednesdays, just started last week. Really good and nice to meet some Mums to be. Do you still go?

cluelessbutecstatic Sun 07-Nov-10 19:00:04

Hi I went last Mon for the first time. Agree With Tottenham Mama in that it is focused on birth preparation more than exercise but is a friendly class. It's a bit of a rush for me to get from work in central London in time for the class but am intending on going again tomorrow as think worth the journey.

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