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softplay in the area?

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June2009 Thu 30-Sep-10 10:11:44


I've been on MN since I got pregnant in 2008 but never actually realised there was a "local" board blush. I'll be looking out for the next meet-ups!

Could anyone tell me where I can find softplay for my 15mo dd in the area? Or where to find that kind of info? We're in N14.

We checked out topsy turvy world in brent cross but found it expensive.
I heard there's something in whetstone (N19 or N20??).
Also looking for ideas for family activities for the weekend...


KGa Thu 30-Sep-10 11:55:40

There is soft play at southbury leisure centre for £3.60 a session. I took my 8 month old and found him too young for it. It might be ok for your 15 month old but I think it is best for slightly older kids.

stilletoe Sun 03-Oct-10 12:23:04

There is one in Whetstone next to the Audi showroom, it used to be called Kids at N20, but I think they have changed their name since.

I've been there with my lo, who also had a birthday party there. Have not been for a year, as lo is into other things now, but when we used to go it was very clean, their cafe got 5 stars from the council for food hygiene and there are different sections for age groups.

There is one in palmers green, but I've heard it is dirty, so have not been there. The only other place is clown Town in friern barnet at the back of the big tesco.

MegBusset Sun 03-Oct-10 12:27:41

The one at Southbury would be fine for a 15mo, my 17mo loves it. We also go swimming there a lot.

Mum2PandT Fri 08-Jul-11 09:54:24

Nearer to you is KidzBiz in Palmers Green, which is hidden behind McDonalds. You enter via the car park on Lodge Drive. However, for a 15-month old, Southbury Leisure Centre would be a better option. Southbury has a dedicated area for under 2's and another area next to it with a small slide and ball pond for 1-5 year olds. There's also an area for bigger children up to 8 years old, (although my 2 year old plays happily in the bigger kids area). Southbury also has the advantage of free parking if you're driving. You have to pay the standard car parking charges at Palmers Green, which adds to the cost of your trip.

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